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Academy of Interference

The Jammers (干擾學院) began in Taipei National University of the Arts, set up by a group of graduate students including Wu Wenjun, Ye Zhenyu, Zheng Anqi and Huang Huiyu. They began by inviting different activists to their campus to hold informational and instructional meetings. They also did field research in several villages which were suffering harshly under land exploitation. After studying the issues involved, they decided to contribute to the activist profession, using contemporary arts to participate in cultural actions. We managed to interfere with the academy's lesson plan so they could join us for an interview:

Alternative (for Readers in China)

In one cutural action, Oyster Times, they printed 10 000 fake front pages for each of Taiwan's four major newspapers, declaring, as a hoax, that the proposal for the controversial KuoKuang Petrochemicals factory had been rejected by the government. The stunt achieved its desired media attention but one can only speculate whether this had any influence. Nonetheless under pressure from many sides, the government removed its support for the project which could have endangered the survival of the last remaining Chinese White Dolphins.

Interview and filming by Zijie Yang and Nick Coulson, Editing by Pinti Chen, Subtitles by Conor Stuart





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