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Jay Caffin is a spiritual healer who now lives and practices in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He uses his ability to perceive energy and communicates with it in order to help people, and to solve problems of the material world. I talked to him about the energy - his greatest passion and work.

Witold: What exactly is energy?

Jay: Energy is all, organizing and allowing interactivity between everything. One can understand it looking at the stars or in a microscope, because it is a part of everything that exists. This is the essence of all that exists.

W.: How and when did you discover that you could feel it?

J.: I discovered energy at age 7; I saw more and more people and things that did not exist physically. I could have thought that I was mad, but my parents didn't consider the idea (thankfully) of talking to a doctor, who surely would not have understood. So I continued to develop these capabilities and communicate with the subtle world. Everything has grown gradually by listening to what I heard from the subtle world and I gradually opened up to it.

W.: How do you perceive it? Can you affect it?

One can perceive it after opening the third eye, which in other words is the 6th chakra. This is done through a long apprenticeship, mine lasted for 25 years! So we cannot simply speak of a spontaneous opening of consciousness, as I analysed and structured all I could feel in a scientific way. I cannot touch that world with my physical body, but I use my subtle body to interact, that's how I treat people today. Everything I do in this world, which has its own rules, can then appear in the physical world.

W.: Why did you come to Taiwan? What do you do now with your abilities?

J.: I came to Taiwan because I know that this is where my adventure continues. I am curious, I want to see how far I can go! Currently I analyse people physically, psychologically and spiritually, I dialogue with their souls to see what they expect of them and if they are in agreement with them... Then I work the energies of people, individually and collectively. I also analyse places, companies, temples and then work on their energy. I make a kind of feng shui, but I didn't learn it – I understood it. I respect gods but I have no religion, I serve energy.

W.: Can you tell us about some of your most interesting cases of people who came to you for help?

J.: I remember a person who was depressed for over two years. She was taking medication and was not well at all, her life was bland. I raised her internal energy in one sitting. Then she contacted me to tell me she stopped doing drugs at once and she couldn't stop getting hit on by men. she felt very relieved.

Another case involved a woman who was not feeling very well at home. Earlier, people diverted water from a river to make a mill. But the river was not appeased and would not leave the house in peace, so I went to the field and interacted with the river. With great diplomacy she finally agreed to take the new route made by men. The lady had no problems, and her cats all came back to live with her in the house.

I cannot tell everything, but I'm working on haunted houses, I clean houses where someone had just died, I work on all sorts of problems, because everything is energy. Currently I also have a young customer who has two souls, so I’m putting everything in place. Sometimes it's complicated, but it's so exciting! I love my job and I also began to teach others in Kaohsiung. Finally each case is different, it is impossible to do the same thing on a person just because it has succeeded on another. The world of energy is very complex!

W.: Thank you for the interview!

Photo and interview by Witold Chudy


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