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The Mazu jinxiang (媽祖進香), or offering of incense, involves thousands of pilgrims following Mazu's jiao(轎)or palanquin by foot, on her spontaneous journey to the sacred first Mazu temple in Taiwan. For over a century the Goddess of the Sea, Mazu (媽祖 lit. Mother Ancestor) devotees from the Gongtian Temple in Baishatun, Miaoli County, have flocked to Beigang's Chaotian Temple in Yunlin County for an annual 400-plus km pilgrimage in the 2nd Lunar month of the year. They participate for the blessings, protection and fortune of Mother Mazu, who was said to protect the fishermen and sailors on the high seas when she was a human being, known as Lin Moniang.

Photos: Witold Chudy
Sound: Yang Zijie
Text: Nick Coulson

To read Nick's article about his experience joining the procession please follow this link.

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Witold Chudy (胡帥康)

Born and grew up in Poland, I went to the university in the UK, spent a year in Nanjing and now I am living in Taipei. 

In love with travelling, candid photography and fluffy animals. Almost always cheerful and friendly. 

I need to fight my inborn laziness every single morning.






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