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Voting for dreams

Forty-five years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and announced to the world that he had a dream. His dream was not some sleep induced imagining, but the vision of a free world that he knew would become a reality if the people continued to stand up for each other as they were standing up with him at that moment.

The great leaders in history have been dreamers, their dreams embodying the hopes they wanted to make reality. When they succeeded, the world took a giant step forward. When they failed or others with evil dreams prevailed, the world fell back.

I dream. Nearly everyone dreams, but our dreams don’t shake up the world, because we know that our dreams are just visions of our imagination that might shake up by sleep, but are incapable of inspiring the world. That is why public leaders emerge who claim that they have the dream that will change the world, so that at every election we are faced with the responsibility of choosing one of the dreams for better or worse. The trouble of political dreams is that they are usually are advantageous for some of the people at the expense of other people. It is one of the wonders of democracy that the decisions of which course to take are left in the hands of those least qualified to make them, the hoi polloi who have only the conflicting claims of political parties to guide their decisions. I am faced with having to choose the least imperfect of two imperfections. What saves democracy is that every dream no matter how bad still manages to have some good.

Therefore, as a voter, I should be looking for what is best for the nation, not just what is est for my personal advantage, though hopefully they will coincide. I should choose the leader who will go in the right direction, not the one who is most charismatic or experienced or heroic, though hopefully they might coincide. What an awesome responsibility and fortunately one that I am have to face in election years. Those elected are faced with responsibility for every choice they make every working day of their terms in office.

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