Erenlai - Focus: In Search of Spring
Focus: In Search of Spring

Focus: In Search of Spring

週二, 01 三月 2011

Cherry blossoms in Taiwan

Of all the seasons, springtime has to be the one that brings the most smiles to the most faces. Bringing fresh weather, moods, and opportunities, spring time in Taiwan is a special occasion for many reasons, and gives the country yet another chance to show its beautiful colors.

週四, 24 二月 2011

Around Spring

On a sacred hill, surrounded by a boundless plain, are placed a series of stones organized into concentric circles.  It is the spring equinox, and a number of tribes from the surrounds have gathered to this spot to mark the rising of the sun.

週三, 23 二月 2011

Spring in all its states

Spring, it dredges up half-baked images from the collective imagination of baby lambs, flowers blooming, and mad hares, not that there is a large number of baby lambs in the Belfast area during May, nor Taipei in February for that matter (spring starts with Lichun in the Chinese tradition, between the 3rd and 5thFebruary, one month before the Western spring).

週三, 23 二月 2011

Inner spring

As is the case for Chinese New Year, the day of Easter varies from year to year, being based on a solar-lunar calendar. In 2011, it will fall on April 24 – very late in the year. Still, as spring arises, I am already reminded of what Easter means to me.

週三, 23 二月 2011

How I became a fan of the Taipei Flora Expo

In late December 2010 I went to the Taipei International Flower Expo and had a good time.  There are a number of reasons as to why this was the case.  Please allow me to elucidate.

週三, 23 二月 2011

Spring blues

Lanterns can’t breathe in the night, they scout the darkness but the waves shake the boat and leave them trembling, not sure if they will make it this time, as if shackled to the ocean, holding their breath for the sky to appear.

週三, 23 二月 2011

A laowai voyeur at the flower expo: Fragrant emotions

I did not pay much attention a few months ago to the controversy in the media about the price tag of this International Flower Exposition (台北國際花卉博覽會).

週三, 23 二月 2011


This month, we celebrate the passing of the seasons and in preparing for the arrival of spring with its deluge of transformations, hopes and renewal. In search of a different evocation of spring, I stumbled on a poem by Mallarme...





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