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Here is an example of rising environmental and social awareness in Nepal: Manoj is a young student who dedicates himself to environmental issues in Nepal. He creates many educational programs about the wild animals for kids and he also gets involved with conservation. His dream is to become a veterinarian and to contribute himself to environmental education. Also, he has been helping the village women to join some workshops and learn some handicraft to support their families.

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Introduction to Spiritual Computing

In this animation, Tibo illustrates and interprets Benoit Vermander’s article on Humankind Spiritual Computer (see below).

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Local intiative for durable developement

Tian Jun was a senior journalist. After reporting and promoting a river project in Chengdu, she shifted her career into NPO, concentrating on river and water issues. Her NPO, called "Rivers and the team", is not only investigating river problems but also helping some farmers in villages to develop their lands in a sustainable way.
An excellent artilce on NGOs in China, from IHT

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