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週六, 29 八月 2009 02:53

Herr Johann Strauss II

It was indeed too sultry today that I could hardly nod to Herrn Beethoven’s Fate. Moments before I rejected my beloved Herrn Beethoven, I had a talk with Herrn Johann Sebastian Bach. I sensed that he intended to build the entire Brandenburg on my account. Such expenditure naturally led to a less satisfactory farewell between us. My favorite Herr Mozart used to be a close friend to me. Today he insisted, however, to talk about Jupiter all along. "Naja… Jupiter ist heute aber kein gutes Themen,” I said, “Mon cher, Amedeus, I think you may kindly pay me a visit some other day. C’est bon?"

Unanticipated as it was, that "c’est bon" offended the proud Russian gentleman Monsieur Tchaikovsky, who were elegantly leaning against the door. He furiously yet so smooth-handedly bent the Marseillaise and blew right away his horn of 1812. Now it was obviously too late to engage my dear Amadeus’ much softer Horn; thus I had to solemnly, and calmly, ask Monsieur Tchaikovsky to leave with his cannons.

Then stepped Herr Johann Strauß II into my drawing room.

I had a long nice chat with Herrn Johann Strauß II. As the night descended, he— being an attentive, thoughtful Vienna gentleman— poured the entire Blue Danube down from the top over my head.

"Herr Johann Strauß II," though totally wet as one could well imagine, I felt compelled to keep up with the elegance of the Hapsburg. "Do you… agree with me that it is indeeeeed a very nice and cool concert at the Danube. Qu’en pensez-vous?"

Herr Johann Strauß II refused to comment on my poor, poseur French and lowered his eyes staring at his own wonderful waltz scores. I realized that all the Vienna gentlemen must be as modest as this one thus tried to pick on another topic.

"Herr Johann Strauß II," I said, "do you recall that newly entered parliament member Herrn Lüger? Now, do tell me, how are we to feel comfortable that there is actually someone in the parliament who has such a surname? Comme ci…"

Herr Johann Strauß II interrupted me with caution and politeness, "Mademoiselle, wir in Wien… oh, it is in music, drama, and arts of all kinds that we are interested in Vienna. Politics… is a matter of no commonly shared concern. Nonetheless— allow me to remind you, mademoiselle— this new member of our parliament is not of ordinary family. He is addressed as Herr von Lüger…" That said, he poured down to my head even more from the Blue Danube.

"A bon…" as poseur as one could be, I endured all the sweet coldness of river water and night dews, fanning myself into even sweeter coldness, and said, "According to you, Herr Johann Strauß II, it is only due to my baaaaad accent as a non-Viennese that I inappropriately remark on politics in Vienna. Since their family kommt von Lügern, it must be their ancestral misfortune to play a part in politics!"

Herr Johann Strauß II nodded slightly, "Indeed, now it has gotten much, much better..." and poured actually more water from the Blue Danube down to my head.

It was midnight that I could no longer endure to fan myself warm. Thus I stood up with all my firm determination and slapped my fan right onto this Vienna gentleman mon cher Herr Johann Strauß II’s head:


After all, even with Herrn Johann Strauß II, there was no honorable farewell today.


(photo by Cerise Phiv)

週六, 29 八月 2009 02:44

Lane 1025

I recently moved from Chengdu to Shanghai, and I am still trying to adapt to this giant city, full of contrasts. One morning, I took the day off... In the heart of downtown Shanghai, Nanjing Avenue, there was this alley: Lane 1025. I had never crossed the gate at its entrance ... It was standing opposite the metro station that, day after day, brings me to the place I work, near a shopping center, banks and luxury boutiques.

China is a collage of innumerable micro-universes. Within the space of a lane, of a birdcage, around a chessboard, in all protected enclosures, people reconstruct the space where life is nurtured and tasted. These are privileged places where you experience the bittersweet taste of living together, as a knit-knotted community. A few neighbors, a chessboard, the friendship of a tree and a canary ... The cosmos becomes a lived reality by the mere fact of harboring men, women and children who share and manage it in their own space and their own way.

Each lane allows us to see and hear a tiny, luminous fragment of the cosmos, a fragment of the whole of China, an echo of the conversation that we entertain with ourselves (or ourselves with). This is the music of the relations we nurture with sentient beings, with a piece of sky and branches of willow; this is also the music of changing colors - blue tending to white, yellow leaning towards blue, green being lost in the water, the shadows and the wall, and also the red that has faded with the doors it was colouring.

People in China also speak through what they do not say. They leave a place on the bench to whom takes the time to travel at their own pace. They invite the passer-by to taste like them, with them, the simple and always nascent mystery that lies beneath the lane, the chessboard and the cage. And this is what I did that day, finding in busy Shanghai, an echo of the more leisurely lifestyle of my beloved Chengdu.

I should take a day off more often...

This documentary was produced by AZ Cultural Enterprise in 2010.

週六, 29 八月 2009 02:42

Chinese music goes to the sea

The Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra is possibly Shanghai’s most exciting musical formation. While firmly rooted in tradition and relying on impressive scholarship, its musicians are also keen to introduce their public to new repertories, to mix up styles, times and places, and thus to display the diversity of China’s cultures. This is also a showcase of Shanghai’s spirit: where the river goes to the sea, all waters, all traditions mix up and take new dimensions and shapes. Shanghai has always been a place where cultures cross and fertilize in new, creative synthesis. There is something oceanic in the sound that comes from this orchestra as well as from the astounding variety of its repertory. Discover Chinese music as you never heard it before!

This documentary Seaside Serenade, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Music Orchestra was produced by AZ Cultural Enterprise in August 2009.





近几年又有混搭一词,Mix & Match,这花招耍起来需要多一点想像力,让人错觉多了一些创造空间。乖女孩田园风碎花荷叶边裙,踢踏著庞克马丁大夫靴;无懈可击的白丝衬衫黑裙淑女,偏竖起拇指戴巨大孔雀绿假贝珠戒;道行厉害的,上身著印著大朵牡丹花阿嬷衫样的无袖紧身莱卡背心,下身一条七分烟管裤,懒懒踩著漆皮酒红细高跟玛丽珍鞋,最适合上课铃响后姗姗来迟,晃过全班同学和教授面前,嚣张到冒烟。







近幾年又有混搭一詞,Mix & Match,這花招耍起來需要多一點想像力,讓人錯覺多了一些創造空間。乖女孩田園風碎花荷葉邊裙,踢踏著龐克馬丁大夫靴;無懈可擊的白絲襯衫黑裙淑女,偏豎起拇指戴巨大孔雀綠假貝珠戒;道行厲害的,上身著印著大朵牡丹花阿嬤衫樣的無袖緊身萊卡背心,下身一條七分煙管褲,懶懶踩著漆皮酒紅細高跟瑪麗珍鞋,最適合上課鈴響後姍姍來遲,晃過全班同學和教授面前,囂張到冒煙。








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