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Director Xavier Guijarro and project manager Annapoorna Boccasam of Green Cross International's Value Change Programme were invited to the City Halls to Cancun Corridors summit in Taipei to represent their organisation and tell us their experiences of local level governance on various climate change issues.

The videos include a joint speech introducing the GCI's local projects and an interview with Xavier Guijarro.


The Green Cross International (GCI) experience

Green Cross International was founded by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993. It is a consensus-seeking, non confrontational NGO which promotes dialogue between all stakeholders of modern society including governments, public institutions, the private sector, profit oriented organizations, civil society and the non-profit sector. With a network of over 30 national organisations, its mission is to help ensure a just, sustainable and secure future for all by fostering value changes and cultivating a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility regarding humanity’s relationship with nature. GCI has three key areas of focus and these are implemented locally, nationally and internationally through the following programmes:
Prevention & Resolution Of Conflicts over natural resources
Water Programme
Energy Programme
Address Environmental Consequences of Wars and Conflicts
Social and Medical Care Programme
Legacy of the Cold War Programme
Promoting Legal & Ethical Norms for a Sustainable Future
Earth Charter
Earth Dialogues
Environmental Education

Water: The Ghana experience

Smart Water for Green Schools is a project that provides smart water harvesting solutions, ecological sanitation facilities and environmental awareness to schools situated in transboundary river basins in Ghana. The programme brings safe water and better health to schoolchildren through the construction and implementation of rainwater harvesting systems and ecological latrines. The project works with local officials in the development and placement of the water systems to determine how it would most help the local community. It is only through the combined efforts of local government officials and the GC network that this program is a success.

SOCMED: The Vietnam experience

Since launching the SocMed Programme in Vietnam in 1998, Green Cross has been working to bring improvements in daily life and physical health to those who were touched by Agent Orange. The most pressing concern is to repair the physical deformities caused by environmental contamination from Agent Orange. In 2006, 172 children and young adults with disabilities received medical assistance from this programme. Because the SocMed Programme is dedicated to an integrated and holistic approach in its work, children are not onetime recipients of Green Cross benefits. Often solutions to their ailments require multiple surgeries, or numerous prostheses as they grow. Addressing the economic and educational needs of children and their families in Agent Orange hot spots is also an integral aspect of the SocMed mandate. Green Cross has instituted a Micro-Credit Programme in Vietnam that helps to address the poverty that further complicates medical and social care in Vietnam. Currently, 40 families are enrolled in a small farming project that supplies a pregnant cow to the families of handicapped children. In addition to the Micro-Project, Green Cross has implemented "The Broom Project," which trains 20-30 disabled young people and adults to make brooms. Green Cross also distributes information leaflets to raise awareness about services available and early detection of disabilities.

Energy: The Global Green experience

Global Green USA works in partnership with local governments and other public agencies that are ready to “do” sustainability. The goal of our work with public agencies is to create innovative and replicable policies, programs, and procedures so that sustainable practices become standard in the planning, design, construction, and operation of the built environment. By working closely with agency staff and community stakeholders, we have helped create a number of innovative and precedent setting green building programs, sustainability plans, green urban design proposals, and climateaction strategies. These include the City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach, and City of West Hollywood green building programs, the West Hollywood Environmental Task Force Summary Report, and the Local Government Green Building Program Guide.

One particular area of emphasis is helping public agencies and developers of affordable housing use the LEED for Neighbourhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system to advance their environmental goals and create models of sustainable neighbourhoods. Global Green is the only technical assistance provider in the country to have certified three developments through the pilot version of the rigorous LEED-ND system and is working on several other planning projects that combine affordable housing with environmental design while pursuing LEED-ND certification.

The three projects certified by Global Green in collaboration with its planning and development partners are: The Holy Cross Project, Cornfields Arroyo Seco Specific Plan and Miraflores. Our approach combines a depth of expertise in green building, neighbourhood planning, and sustainability with over ten years of facilitation experience. We contextualize this approach through in-depth research into the physical, climatological, regulatory/code, and historical qualities of the specific place or jurisdiction.One of the biggest projects being worked on by Global Green is the Holy Cross Project. The project works to rebuild the Holy Cross neighborhood and Lower 9th ward in an environmentally sustainable way since the area was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The project involves a number of local governance agencies ranging from direct work with the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association, to tours of the buildings by members of the New Orleans City Council to see green building in action.

Throughout Green Cross’s involvement, we strive to support, guide, and empower staff and stakeholders to be the long-term stewards of the policies and programs that we help establish. The end result is environmentally rigorous projects, reflective of local issues and priorities, and able to be adopted with confidence and implemented with success. Current and past local partners in sustainable building include the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Irvine, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Mountain View and Cupertino; Los Angeles and San Mateo Counties; the Redevelopment Agencies of Los Angeles and Richmond; the Housing Authorities of Ventura and Los Angeles; the Los Angeles and San Francisco Unified School Districts; and the University of California San Francisco.

Global Green has also been involved in school districts across the country through the Green Seed Schools Project. The project started by working to rebuild environmentally friendly schools in New Orleans. Those schools served as models for schools across the country for how they can save money while lessoning their carbon footprints. The green schools both provide a better learning environment for students as well as saving school districts tens of thousands of dollars. The project works with the boards of local school districts to design and implement the building of the schools.

Global Green also organized the Green Urbanism Leaders Summit. In February 2009, Global Green USA gathered a group of urban and environmental thinkers and doers in a two-day discussion on the compelling but elusive concept of green urbanism. The outcomes offer increased clarity on the concept and valuable thoughts on where to focus future efforts to create greener and more sustainable cities, as summarized in the Green Urbanism Leaders Summit Report. Each major event offers the opportunity to break the greenhouse emissions cycle if we rebuild with a reduced carbon footprint. Katrina provided the wake-up call. The BIBG movement started in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina which the world watched in horror. Green Cross's US affiliate Global Green catalysed a major green rebuilding effort in New Orleans supported by Brad Pitt, Habitat for Humanity and dozens of business and community groups who share the vision. This effort is now delivering thousands of green homes and entire neighbourhoods are being transformed. Greensburg Kansas followed the example set in New Orleans. Greensburg Kansas is a conservative midwest US town which was devastated by a 2007 tornado. The entire town is rebuilding with sustainability and community development in mind, and has captured the imagination of the American public. It is now possible to watch their progress on YouTube.


The case of Green Cross Australia

Build it back green: A global movement

"Build it back green" (BIBG) is a new global movement which recognises that scientific predictions of more intense severe weather are becoming a reality. Flowerdale has also followed suit after the horror of Black Saturday. Right now Australia is joining the BIBG movement, finding hope in the aftermath of the horrors of Black Saturday Victorian bushfires which destroyed more than 2,000 homes and 3,500 structures in total. Flowerdale is an inspiring example of a Victorian community pulling together to rebuild their lives, homes, community centres and schools in a more sustainable way. Green Cross Australia and its partners - Australian Conservation Foundation, Alternative Technology Association, Habitat for Humanity Australia, and Green Building Council of Australia -are determined to support Black Saturday affected communities with green rebuilding tools from a base in Flowerdale, a town determined to create a sustainable future out of a tragic episode.

Also branching out of the Black Sunday Tragedy is Australia’s Extreme Weather Hero’s programme. The project is an awareness programme which shows the link between climate change and the need for emergency response volunteers. It promotes the awareness of the need for emergency responders through social networking and encourages young people to get involved and volunteer. It is linked with local emergency response teams in the recruitment of new volunteers.

Local governments are also consulted through the Green Lane Diary programme. The programme is for school children between the ages of 10 and 12 to record their daily activities in an ecological diary to see how their daily lives affect the environment. The diaries are distributed to local school districts that then give the children the diaries. It helps to make children aware of their impact on the environment at a young age.

Climate Change: Climate Change Task Force

The CCTF was set up by Gorbachev with a specific mandate to discuss the potential effects on climate negotiations processes between COP15 and the upcoming conference in Cancun. The Climate Change Task Force is a partner of GCI and in their own words is “A synergy of climate experts, world leaders, Nobel peace laureates, and shapers of opinion – helping create the political will to address climate change.” There are a number of former politicians who make up its ranks that therefore demonstrates the need for the link between governments, experts, and citizens in order to effectively address climate change.

Earth Dialogues:

The Earth Dialogues are a series of public forums initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong, which aim to mobilize global public interest and action to promote three important objectives essential to the future of humanity: averting the ecological disasters which threaten our planet; fighting the plague of poverty; and acting to ensure truly sustainable development. Since Lyon in 2002, Earth Dialogues have been held in Lahore, Pakistan in 2003, in New York in the United States in 2004, in Barcelona, Spain in 2004, in Brisbane, Australia in 2006, and in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 2008.
GCI has successfully held the dialogues through strong partnerships with local and state level governments, businesses and civil society.

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Xavier Guijarro

Green Cross International Value Change Program Director
Director of the Earth Dialogues of Green Cross International from
2004, and in addition, from 2008, Director of Environmental Education and Awareness, under the umbrella of the Value Change Program,coordinating worldwide the educational activities of the Green Cross network and promoting the geostrategic organization of the Earth Dialogues around the globe. Member of the Board of Green Cross Spain from its inception in 2003.

International Consultant and Lecturer
Wide experience in consultancy services for institutions, business
companies and NGOs, specializing in environmental, sustainability
and educational issues. Lecturer on related topics ranging from
philosophy and history to policy making and project implementation in the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures, the 2006 International Water Dialogues and the 2008 Brazil Earth Dialogue, among others.

Professional Congress Organizer
From 1989, owner and manager of the Congress Organizing Company
Interfractalia, after having gathered worldwide expertise as event
organizer in Auckland, New Zealand; San Francisco, California;
Hamburg, Germany; Manila, Philippines and Barcelona, Spain.

NGO expert
NGO work with the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
based in Silang, Philippines, as development agent posted in Central America (Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador) from 1985 to 1987. NGO involvement to date in India, USA, Spain and Germany.

Translator and Interpreter
From 1989 to 2002, official AIIC conference interpreter for the
United Nations posted in Cairo, Nairobi and Bangkok. From 1980,
part-owner of the TIMING cooperative in Spain, managing a large
team of translators and interpreters working for Governments, large multinational companies and public radio and television channels.

Professional in Education
Language teacher at different Secondary Education public and private schools, Board of Exams Chairman for simultaneous interpretation at the University of Vic (Barcelona), professor of Multicultural relations at the University of San Francisco (USA), and trainer in sustainable development in the Philippines and Central America as development agent and in the Polynesian islands of Tahiti and Rangiroa as cultural and social mediator.

Academic background
Classical and modern language diplomas in Latin, Greek, English,
French, German, Catalan and Spanish. Working knowledge of Italian,
Portuguese and Tahitian. MA in Philosophy and BA courses in Biology and Economics. PhD studies in Multicultural Education.

Green Cross International 改變價值觀計畫主任
Green Cross International改變價值觀計畫主任Green Cross International 從2004年起地球對話的主任,此外,從2008年起,環境教育與意識主任,隸屬於改幣價值觀計畫,協調Green Cross網路的全球教育活動,並在全球推廣地球對話的第源戰略組織。從2003年成立以來,就一直擔任西班牙Green Cross董事會的董事。


在紐西蘭奧克蘭、加州舊金山、德國漢堡、菲律賓馬尼拉與西班牙巴塞隆納擔任活動企劃凝聚全球的專業知識之後,從1989年起,擔任Congress Organizing Company Interfractalia的

NGO 專家
NGO與菲律賓Silang的International Institute for Rural Reconstruction合作,從1985到1987年,擔任派駐中美洲(墨西哥、瓜地馬拉與薩爾瓦多)的開發代表。到目前為止,NGO遍及印度、美國、西班牙與德國。

從1989到2002年,聯合國派駐開鑼、奈洛比與曼谷的正式AIIC大會口譯。從1980年起,西班牙TIMING 合作社的股東,管理為政府、大型國際公司與公共電台及電視頻道工作的龐大筆譯與口譯團隊。



網站: www.greencrossinternational.net

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