Family box vs video art: Squash Family

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Li Pei-tzu was one of the advanced students from the first season Gosh Foundation ‘Fruit Camp’. The three advanced students Family Story vs. Video Art installations, which were displayed in the middle of gallery street, the quintessence of their family story into one box; their huge boxes/makeshift homes to play with life-size toys from their childhood and with their video art works being shown in the middle. They had initially been asked to bring their works to be selected and refined previous, with the most talented young artists receiving one on one instruction from top artist in their chosen field. Li Pei-tzu's instructor for her 'Family box vs video art project' was Shih Ming-hui.

They call me the shorty, because I am short and fat and with short legs… you must have heard the song about a short guy. Those 'squashes' (a phrase that used in Taiwanese dialect to refer to the short persons) you find in my works are all my family members. Why did I choose squash? Because like squash, I am also fat, short and have short legs. This animation has recorded some of the interesting things that happened to my family. I hope the animation can remind you of all the precious moments, including those funny ones you shared with your family. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you so just watch it yourself. Ha Ha~~

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Li Pei-tzu (李佩慈)

Hello everyone, I am a native Earthling and come from a small township in Taipei County, the Taishan Township. My name is Li Pei-tzu and you can just call me Anne the Shorty. I am at an embarrassing age of 16 and now study in HsinChuang Senior High School. I am currently studying English with all my heart!! Fight!






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