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Hsin-Chin Deals With Life and Death

When I met Hsin-Chin for the first time, I immediately saw her as a sensitive woman and a thinker. As we talked more, I realized how generous she was too; she is one of those rare persons that people would go to when they needed consolation or a sympathetic ear.

Currently a student at the Institute of Life and Death Education and Counseling Department in Taipei, Hsin-Chin has decided to devote her life in helping people who lose their faith in life.

This decision is in fact, deeply related to her life experience.
As Hsin-Chin was still a teenager when her elder sister committed suicide. Qingqing who could neither forgive herself, nor her sister for putting such an abrupt end to her life, spent many difficult years mourning the her sister’s death.

After making several suicide attempts herself, she found a way to give a more meaningful value to her own life, and to the death of her sister: if only she could help other people in despair and their families, her sister would not have died for nothing.

She now works at Mackay Memorial Hospital, and talks with many young people in need. She is working hard to become a psychologist specialised in the matter of life and death, a very unique profession in Taiwan.

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