On the wire with Chris Churcher

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Chris Churcher shares his experiences as a film director in Taiwan: what does Taiwan need? To encourage its creative pool!

For readers in Mainland China:


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Chris Churcher (邱凱)

Chris Churcher has been making films since his early teens and began his career in promotions ten years ago working for an Internet design and marketing firm in the UK. More recently he worked for two reputable animation companies in London, ran his own small production house for two years, producing music videos and image films and taught practical video art at three universities in the UK: the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University and the University for the Creative Arts. For UCA, in 2005, Chris devised and coordinated a research / festival project in which he introduced the work of several emerging Taiwanese filmmakers to a UK arts audience. Chris moved to Taiwan in 2007, since then he has been working for an established production company in Taipei working on numerous film and branding projects, for high profile clients such as Taitra, Hinet, Mio, Lite on and many others, as well as being involved with the alternative and arts scenes in the city and producing his own experimental short films in collaboration with local and international artists and performers.






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