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{rokbox}media/articles/Jerry_jescomeao.jpg{/rokbox}JESCOMEAO is a Secretariat of the JCEAO (Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania). It is a network of Jesuits and Jesuit colleagues involved in various fields of Church communications throughout East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

Concretely, the JESCOMEAO Secretariat facilitates audio/video co-productions and publications on topics of Jesuit concern. It organizes training courses, internships, and regencies for Jesuits and their colleagues interested in media literacy, video production, and program marketing. It promotes the use of communications for ministry work in Asia.
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Jerry Martinson (丁松筠)

Jerry Martinson is "Uncle Jerry" for Taiwan and China's TV watchers who remember him as their belobved virtual English teacher... \nVice President of Kuangchi Program Service, member of the editorial committee of Renlai monthly, he also helps grassroot faith-based communities to learn new communication skills all around East Asia.





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