Mr Jian's life after prison

by on 週五, 25 九月 2009 評論
An outdoor, wooden, aborigine style restaurant in Chiayi City called “The hunter’s residence”. As you enter the restaurant, you can smell barbecued meat on the fire. Mr Jian is cooking, while his beautiful wife Amei is serving you the food in one of the wooden huts.

This self-designed restaurant means a lot for Mr Jian. After spending seven years in prison for murdering his lover’s husband when he was still a young boy, Mr Jian decided to start a new life by building this restaurant.

It requires a lot of efforts for people who spent years in prison to reintegrate the society. They bear the heavy burden of their past and fear that others hear about and judge them for their past mistakes

However Mr Jian never gave up. After working as a water and electricity repairmen for a couple of years, he decided to open his own restaurant. As he told me: “If not for this restaurant, I would not be the man I am today!”

I think we can all learn from his life experience and his determination that successfully led him to live a normal life again.

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