The Bedouin's Gift of the Eucharist

by on 週三, 10 八月 2011 評論

This video witnesses the consoling discovery of the desert after a period of grief. The beauty of the landscape the hospitality of the Bedouin guides and the inspired humanity of Michèle the pilgrim convey a new zest for life. The Bedouin's attitude to their christian hosts shows a greatness of deeds rather than one of words.

Text and photographs: Michèle Vallée
Read by: Antoinette Gutzler
Music: Islam Lo
Animated by Claude Tuduri
Translated from the French by Claude Tuduri and Conor Stuart

Claude Tuduri (杜耀德)

I'm a French Jesuit; I work for a Ignatian spirituality website and help students to write French in an association run by the society in Saint-Denis. It's a very pleasant job where I get to meet many friendly and dynamic people from Asia, particularly from Taiwan.

我是一位法國耶穌會士,目前為依納爵靈修會(Ignatian Spirituality)工作,並在聖丹尼斯社團( the Society in Saint-Denis)所辦的機構幫忙教導學生學習法文。這是一個很棒的工作,因為可以遇到許多來自亞洲友善又有活力的人,特別是台灣的朋友。






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