The Dentist Who Walks in Wilderness

by Lin Cheng Sheng on 週三, 22 十月 2008 評論
Before, when we were promoting environmental protection movements, we resorted to the moral proclamation of ‘For the sake of our children.’ What we couldn’t foresee was that within these few years, the mass growth of world population and the combination of global economy and technology has induced the over-consuming of natural resources. For the time being, the crisis that the earth is facing no longer exists in a somewhat distant future, but will very likely confront our own and the next generations.

I always felt that the main target of environmental protection is not the environment, but people’s minds. What I really want to do is to change people’s minds. I hope that people will get involved with environmental protection not only at the level of knowing and understanding, but also at the level of actual practices.

We are racing with time every day. We wish more and more people could become aware and start to take some action. We believe that where there is a will, there is a way. What the crowd thinks impossible, we will make it real. We also believe that one can be enormously influential because of the power of dream and belief.
The Society of Wilderness

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