Thank you everybody!

by Ming Young on 週五, 27 六月 2008 評論
We would like to thank everyone who at some time or other has helped the “A Pleines Mains” project and has shared our involvement in different projects that we try to support:
- A project that was not scheduled: the Sichuan earthquake. APM is working with the Community Center by financing tents that are made here and sent to the quake hit area by the CC. We will continue to work with micro projects there in order to help small groups by sending new clothes, mainly to Sichuan but also to Gansu which has been given less media coverage.
- The hostel ‘Home Sweet Home’, which advises physically handicapped beggars how to start a new life, to take up regular living habits, get used to life in society, catch up on lost schooling by learning pinyin, math and basic English and find work adapted to their handicap. APM helps by putting them in contact with companies: soon you will find a stand of Home Sweet Home products in the Carrefour in the Gubei district. Also, APM along with Home Sweet Home is starting a new experiment: monthly sales. The stocks will come from our donations of clothes and various objects in order to create a new activity in their organization and to support their own hostel. Our donations will be resold at low prices that are affordable to the migrant population nearby.
- Actions carried out in Shanghai and the provinces by Wang Li from the group Soho-Ku: manual workshops for the mentally handicapped, training in patchwork or felt for the physically handicapped in order to supplement their income, English or French lessons for the disadvantaged in Shanghai, urgent surgical operations for children from minority groups, covering schooling costs of children from minorities. This summer, like last, APM is helping to finance the second phase of school building restoration, medical visits and hygiene training in Napa in Yunnan.
- The project in the village of Yangjuan in which we have participated with Wang Li by trying to introduce diversification in single crop farming. You can buy the book, in Chinese, from APM about 10 years experience of modernization and the construction of a school.
- There is also the group who cares for lepers (about 400 divided up into villages that are visited at different times) in the south of Guangdong and Guangxi for whom we combine our efforts with “Passeport Shanghai” and to whom CHINAMOOD gives 100% of its profits. Our help throughout the year assists with the purchase of medicines for different illnesses contracted due to leprosy (ulcers, skin diseases, cancers), for the hospitalization of the most severe cases and for the construction of dormitories or showers.
- The project of the Bethel orphanage which receives visually impaired children from different orphanages in the north of China. It offers them an education adapted to their needs and surrounds them with all the affection necessary to develop the children to whom we have sent funds these last years.
-Projects supported by AssoJiaJia, Madaifu, Couleurs de Chine: a private orphanage in Anhui managed by an old man who for 40 years has gathered up the handicapped who have been abandoned and whom we help with financial donations or clothes. This year we will help equip this orphanage in Anhui with showers and assorted help in hygiene training given by the young people of Home Sweet Home.
- Conferences that we have been able to organize to support individual projects.

Most of all, for years there have been wonderful volunteers:
There are some who receive phone calls at all times during the week and the weekend to respond to propositions about donations and who respond to all emails.
There are some who loan their garage to receive donations often in bulk and are invaded at any time.
There are some who freeze in winter and are bitten by mosquitoes in summer, who sort out the clothes: some impeccably folded and ironed, some unwashed, torn or moldy.
There are some who wash and iron all the children’s clothes that are put on sale and who reselect all the games.
There are some who loan all the nooks, cupboards and attics of their house to install the famous sale once a month and receive such a crowd that one husband plans to take his business trips out of Shanghai on those days!
There is a lovely ever-changing team who, during the course of the last seven years of sorting and four years of show rooms, has slaved away, sorted out, carried heavy boxes, made coffee, tidied up late in the evening, put clothes on hangers and found last minute solutions.
There are super devoted drivers who help us pack everything in our cars or trucks and our “ayis”, without whom the garages would not be open in our absence.
There are understanding companies who trust us and whose guarantee of donations fund our sales or our donations depending on their specifications.
There is a team of very professional volunteers for the book ‘Walks in the heart of the former French Concession’. They accomplished a magnificent job over many long months and who propose wonderful discoveries in Shanghai by means of this book.
There are those who lead a group or a project and spend their time each week until the end of it (e.g. patchwork, felt)
There are those who give lessons and those who do translations at home and who are a great help.
There are those who actively support us and who allow us to make decisive contacts.
And there are terrific families who support us in all the meanings of the term !
You are welcome to take part in one way or another!
Sorting, manual workshops, language lessons, artistic creation, attending the sales, financial participation
All your projects can help us !

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