by Bob on 週二, 27 二月 2007 評論
Entering the path of sustainable development is the primary imperative that Taiwan, Asia and the world presently face.

We must protect the rights of future generations to still have access to clean water, pure air, energy supply, biodiversity, climatic conditions that preserve coastlines and diminish the risks of extreme storms and droughts.

Sustainable development is also about the way we share our resources in order to meet the basic needs of all of us, while fostering values such as frugality and solidarity, as opposed to consumerism and individualism.

We need to mobilize cultural resources that help nations, international organizations, companies and civil societies to tackle evolving challenges with a more acute sense of the issues at stake, thus generating increased inventiveness, boldness and sense of cooperation.

Cultures help us to keep alive the memory of history and nurture creativity so as to better inhabit the world..

Cultural diversity is a necessary component of sustainable development.

A diversified natural environment is more prone to resist the effect of viruses thanks to its superior adaptability. Likewise, a diversified cultural environment can better adapt to new economic and social imperatives.

Today, cultural dialogue provides societies with accrued cultural resources. Never in the past has humankind been equipped with such scientific and cultural means for tackling the challenges that determine the course of its development.

Our cultural resources are the first thing we need to share, through a web of “knowledge networks” that will make our success stories known and replicated.

Taiwan can pave the way to a new model of global governance by mobilizing its rich cultural resources in order to become a beacon of sustainable development.

By fostering creative initiatives for sustainability Taiwan enters into a renewed dialogue with the world while changing for the better its current developmental model.

By helping itself, Taiwan helps the world. Reduced energy consumption, green businesses, preserved biodiversity, social equity and better corporate governance are exactly what all societies are striving for.

Together, let us make Taiwan a show case of cultural diversity and sustainable development…

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