A reading of Caritas in Veritate

by Benoit on 週五, 28 八月 2009 評論
Bankers and economists are not avid readers of papal encyclical letters. And they might not need to be. Still, the one delivered by Benedict XVI at the very end of June is worth them making an exception. Caritas in Veritate (Charity in truth) is a rich and insightful document, the first one coming from the Catholic Church that deals with globalization and its consequences in such explicit and detailed a fashion.

Problem is…the document is very long - as long as a book in fact. Furthermore, it ventures in several directions, developing theological considerations, social analysis, practical suggestions, and a blueprint for the reform of world governance. There are many ways of approaching Caritas in Veritate. The reading I offer here is one among others. It aims at focusing on the way this document may help the world community deal with the consequences of the present crisis and the building-up of a common framework of action. It remains very partial and incomplete, but tries to enlighten one direction of the analysis.

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