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Signe Gaarde

Signe Gaarde

I have been working for the City for 21⁄2 years (responsible for the City of Copenhagen's engagement in the COP15, and after that as policy officer developing our green growth strategy). Prior to my work at the City Hall, I worked for two years in Brussels, Belgium with climate policies.

•歷史學碩士 •在哥本哈根市工作了兩年半(負責COP15會議中哥本哈根市的參與,以及會議之後
的城市綠色成長策略之政策制定)。 •在哥本哈根市的工作之前,在比利時布魯塞爾工作了兩年,工作內容為氣候變遷之

週三, 01 十二月 2010 11:21


Signe Gaarde



週二, 30 十一月 2010 00:00

Green growth in Copenhagen


Green Growth projects
Project: Sustainable energy in the North Harbour area
- The foundation stones for an entirely new city area
- Integrated energy system based on sustainable energy sources
- The city area will as a minimum become carbon neutral
- And in time exporter of sustainable energy

Project: Green Growth and Windmills
Wind energy is connected to the district heating system
- 232,000 tonnes of carbon annually by 2015
- 650,000 tonnes annually by 2025
-The City of Copenhagen buys the electricity
- Possibility of investing in green electricity from the windmills

Project: Energy-systems for storing of sustainable energy
An integrated and flexible energy system providing sustainable energy from
- Windmills
- Photovoltaic
- Geo thermal energy plants

Unused energy may be stored:
- Car batteries
- Hydrogen
- Heat storages

Project: The world’s best bicycle city
37% of the Copenhageners use the bicycle as means of transportation. We wish this figure to rise to 50%.
Bicycle friendly infrastructure:
- More and broader bicycle tracks
- More green bicycle routes free from car traffic
- Green waves through traffic signals
- Improved bicycle parking possibilities


Project: Infrastructure for electric cars
- Sustainable energy for transport
- Charging stations for electric and hydrogen electric cars.

Intelligent meters:
- Access to use green energy during nights
- Payment for charging the carsProject: Climate-friendly renovation of own buildings

Renovation and energy friendly operation: Reducing the carbon emission by 50,000 tonnes
- All municipal buildings = 5% of the total volume of buildings 
- Efficient operation
- Serious savings on operating budgets

Massive investments in green urban development
- we test new green solutionsA business friendly city
- One point of contact for businesses:
- Smooth case proceedings
- Free counselling for entrepreneurs
- At good place to live:
- Room for both family and career
- Highly educated workforce
- Improves conditions for international workers






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