The wondrous knife of inner freedom

by on 週六, 28 十月 2006 評論
Growing in inner freedom is a continuous, organic process. For inner freedom is akin to our humaneness itself. A human being who is aware of her/his weaknesses, and yet trusts in the ability to transcend these limitations in such a way as to give depth, taste and meaning to life, a human being able to renounce what is possessed if doing so means living in a fuller way – such a human being, I say, is indeed someone well embarked on the road to inner freedom.

Inner freedom does not consist in the mere ability to make choices. It is rather a capacity to live at a level that gives you an insight into the risks to be undertaken so as to let humaneness grow inside of you through the labors of love, paternity or motherhood, social commitment and spiritual quest.

Freedom is not a torch for reading the road signs that should supposedly be there for you to follow. Freedom (or real spiritual discernment) acts rather like a knife that helps you to cut across the weeds and clear a road. A knife also enters the stone as it carves the tools that you need or the statue that you dream of. And a knife is also used for severing the umbilical cord. For anyone who strives towards inner freedom must be begotten in a new world: the world where everyday realities carry the weight of eternity, where your “mission” is not just some tasks allotted to you once and for all but rather something that comes as a fruit, as the product of maturation and exploration; the world in which even failure, decay and death are venues where freedom carries on its search and its works.

Inner freedom is never gained and stored. The possession of this knife is your stakes in the game of life. To win the game, there is only one rule: just trust in the strength you know to be yours when armed with the wondrous knife of inner freedom. And then the knife is yours.





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