The Japanese textbook controversy

by on 週三, 17 三月 2010 評論

Roy Berman, scholar in history of education in Asia and specialist in Japanese colonial period textbooks, shares his thoughts on the great textbook controversy in which Japan is still embroiled. (Image: Cover of the history book published by the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform)


Readers from mainland China:

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Interview conducted by N. Coulson


Roy Berman

Roy Berman was born and raised in New Jersey, in the suburbs of New York City. He has studied in Kyoto, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan and visited a number of other countries. He is currently studying in an MA course at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Education, researching the history of colonial education in Taiwan and the Philippines.

He also runs a group blog mainly devoted to Japanese and East Asian politics and history which can be found at






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