Swallows and hair

by Bob on 週三, 17 九月 2008 評論
It is said that everyone, no matter how insignificant he or she seems to be, has a purpose and destiny and a unique contribution to make. This is easy to accept if one has some outstanding talent or has accomplished something praiseworthy. But what about the apparently mediocre, poor, downtrodden, ridiculed masses who seem to have no chance to develop whatever talents or ambitions they might have? Is it their fate only to be the fodder for the domination of others? What about their pride and their craving for recognition and appreciation? Is it their destiny to live and die in obscurity?

Not so the message of the gospel in which Jesus tells the people not to be concerned about being at the bottom of the pile. Swallows are just common birds nothing special, but not a single one drops to earth without God’s consent. The hairs on your head may seem inconsequential, but God has each one numbered carefully. So that no matter what it looks like or how you feel, you are worth more in God’s eyes than swallows or strands of hair and should not lose hope.

Somehow I don’t feel very encouraged by this. If God cares for the swallows and my hair, but still lets them fall to earth, then is it my destiny also to fall to the earth? Yes, but on second thought that is my glorious destiny, not to be left there on the garbage heap, but lifted up from there by God into eternity, where there is no insignificance. There the glow of those who remained faithful in their apparent insignificance will outshine the dim glimmer of those who were not worthy of the apparent significance they had been given but misused.

True significance is measured not by appearance, but by faithfulness, known only by God in whose eyes there is nothing insignificant.

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