Playing the drums of life

Ibau of the Paiwan tribe in Taiwan comes from Tuvasavasai (Qingshan), Pingtung. Field studies from her early research experiences have became important inspirations for her writing.

In 1999, Ibau started studying theatre performance. She practiced drumming, martial arts and meditation at Laoquan Mountain’s U-Theater in Muzha.

In 2004, Ibau and other U-Theater members went to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. She was surprised to find strange similarities between Tibet and her Paiwan home; this opened her mind and encouraged her to rediscover her own life experiences and traditional culture.

Since 2007, Ibau has visited Chin Ai Elementary School, situated in the remote mountains of Nantou County, to teach the schoolchildren martial arts and traditional drums. She looks after the children and as she interacts with them helps to build their confidence.

In 2009, Ibau and the members of U-Theater played the drums for the inmates of Changhua Prison, giving a blast of positive energy to people often marginalized by society. The performance not only inspired everyone in the audience but also helped to build the performers' confidence.

Ibau still visits elementary schools and prisons regularly. She listens to the thoughts of the Atayal children and the inmates as they exchange each other’s life stories, refining herself in the process.

Through art, the children and inmates have been given the courage to feel good about themselves and face up to their problems. Ibau is the gentle but powerful force behind this courage.

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Dadelavan Ibau (達德拉凡‧伊苞)



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