Lady Flower of the mountain

by on 週一, 21 二月 2011 評論

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14 years ago, Bethany Peng married a man from Guangfu Township, and thus became a daughter-in-law of the Amis people. This was the moment she fell in love with the honesty and innocence of the community's children and teenagers and took it upon herself to gradually understand their needs.

10 years ago, as a volunteer storyteller, she visited local schools every week recounting tales to the schoolchildren. From this, she eventually establish an association for training people in storytelling - the Wood Pecker Life Association.

In seven years, the association has transformed from having one desk, one old computer and one volunteer, to an association that has an office, a reception and a second-hand charity shop. Having a dream to fulfill is the most wonderful thing in life; if you have intention, nothing can stop you.

After Bethany entered the community, she looked after the local children as they grew up, and as she interacted with them, she was always thinking about what was most important for these children.

To give the disadvantaged youth from this remote mountain area a wider variety of study options, the Wood Pecker Life Association began to form volunteer groups and training classes to teach youngsters to save up their spare time and use the extra time as capital for learning and service to the community. The Hualien and Taitung Teenagers Time Bank was established as a result.

Hopefully more people can join in, looking after the disadvantaged minorities of the Hualien and Taitung regions, bringing them hope, dreams and love…

Bo-hua Peng (彭伯華)

2011第三屆「生命永續獎」得獎者-彭伯華(花蓮啄木鳥全人發展協會創辦人)Bethany Peng

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