The Dizziness of Sound

by Da-wei on 週二, 25 三月 2008 評論
On that day, I walked up the stairs a bookstore situated in the basement of a building. The afternoon sun made me feel dizzy. It seemed to me that something was awake, and sensational images were crossing my mind: you and I sat on top of the bus racing along the freeway. We held our hands tight though we did not sit very close to each other. None of us knew what would follow, and the distance gradually melted away....Now, I can still remember that pale and wonderful way we passed by.

"I am used to going astray.
Every path leads to its destination.
Our joys, our sorrows,
Are all the toys of a will-o’-the-wisp."

──Winterreise(Winter Journey), poems by Wilhelm MŸller, music by Franz Schubert

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