Weathering the Weather

by Bob on 週三, 25 四月 2007 評論
If one could change the direction of the wind or alter atmospheric pressure or manipulate the temperature or the amount of moisture in the air, one could control the weather and prevent catastrophic storms. A few have tried with questionable and sometimes tragic results. Would we then have ideal weather all the time, if they could succeed? I doubt it because everyone wants different weather; what is advantageous for the farmer may not be advantageous for city folk. There would be struggles to see who controls what weather and the world might end up with weather wars more devastating than natural disasters.

Temperature progresses from frozen to freezing to frigid to cold to cool to pleasant to warm to hot to torrid to burning to boiling to inferno, all relative to the material or persons experiencing it. The wind goes from calm to breeze to gust to gale, moisture from dry to humid, barometric pressure from way below normal that seems to spawn the worst weather to high associated with finer weather.

The trouble with weather is not that it changes, but that the changes don’t come when we desire or need them the most, sometimes overstay their welcome and often get out of hand. Why does it rain when I want to go out and the sun come out when I can’t go out? Some people go through life as though they always had a rain cloud over their heads drenching them. Other people seem to enjoy only sunshine and rainbows because it is raining somewhere else.

(Picture by Liang Zhun)
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