The Tempo of My Life

by Chun-gi on 週二, 25 三月 2008 評論
Watching a play at the theater is a kind of salvation,
Things that can or cannot be put in words are expressed on stage,
And you finally have the impression you are understood.
The characters in the play help you speak out what you do not know how or do not dare to say,
May it be a memory since long forgotten or something you did not find out yet,
The play offers you a way to connect with others, and makes you eager to discover even more.

The tempo of life is hard to catch up with.
Everyone has his or her own way to play one part of it,
And put together these fragments make a very rich melody.
"They are not to be figured out, they exist, and some of us just happened to find out about them."

As for me, photography leads me to further discoveries.

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