At the conference "Dialogue among Civilizations and Global Challenges" held in Shanghai in 2010, friend of eRenlai and former managing director of the IMF, Michel Camdessus, provided the starting point for a discussion on intercultural dialogue,  inspired by Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi. He first gave a speech on the secret of Matteo Ricci:

{rokbox size=|544 384|thumb=|images/stories/thumbnails_video/camdessus_xu-ricci_conf_thumb1.jpg|}editovideo/Camdessus_secret_ricci_conference2010.flv{/rokbox}

Professor Choong Chee Pang from the Oxford Institute for Asian Society and Religion gave a response to Michel's wise words, particularly focusing on the importance of China's cultural and spiritual resources in contrast to the factors economic, political and military might that are usually focused on:

{rokbox size=|544 384|thumb=|images/stories/thumbnails_video/response_camdessus_thumb.jpg|}editovideo/Response_to_Michel_Camdessus.flv{/rokbox}

Finally as the speakers sat together in unity, Camdessus gave his final words on the importance of partnership and  alliance:

{rokbox size=|544 384|thumb=|images/stories/thumbnails_video/camdessus_partnership.jpg|}editovideo/Camdessus_Partnership_and_alliance.flv{/rokbox}






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