"Bah, humbug!"

I may have been labelled the "CNY Scrooge" around the eRenlai office; however, despite my obvious lack of objectivity, I try to describe with the most sincerity my first New Year spent with the family in Taipei.

Pinti loves eating and she is apparently a good cook! However traditions are very important and give the opportunity to make and break habits. Here, she explains to us why she recently became a vegetarian...

{rokbox size=|544 384|thumb=|images/stories/videos/Focus_Feb2010/pinti.jpg|}http://www.erenlai.com/media/video/Pinti_New_Year_feb10.flv{/rokbox}

Li-chun highlights some absurdities generated by the conflict between tradition and modernity, between one's duty and one's desires.

The south of Taiwan vibrant Chinese New Year tends to be celebrated in a much more traditional way than in Taipei. Wen-yi tells us how.

Chinese New Year in the 21st Century. Joyce brings together tradition and modernity, having spent much of her youth in South Africa, she reveals how her scattered family overcomes long distance to celebrate Chinese New Year as a family.

Self, the other and fantasy. Ida contrasts Taipei New Year, an Aboriginal tribe's New Year and her vision of an ideal Chinese New Year.

Si-wei compares her Chinese New Years, past and present.

{rokbox size=|544 384|thumb=|images/stories/videos/Focus_Feb2010/szewei.jpg|}http://www.erenlai.com/media/video/szewei_Newyear_feb10.flv{/rokbox}


Chiara 'sings' her praises for Chinese New Year in Taiwan. From a standpoint of an Italian upbringing...





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