Dialogue remixé de style FF (The remixed dialogue of two "FF" type face) 
by Li ming-cheng

Since the beginning of time, human beings - in the aim to express themselves through writing - have been inspired by the multiple shapes of the world in order to create new worlds. They have learned to tame the animals, the plants and metallic things. Machines have been invented to represent all that exists through writing symbols.

On thinking of the beautiful time spent reading, we remember not only books but also traces of printed things, and the smell of ink and the veins of paper...

All this leads us to discover the expertise of technicians hidden behind the words, an expertise allowing thought to be materialized. This is what accompanies us during reading time, what dissipates the demonic loneliness. We finally feel ourselves well-rooted in this world, engendered as everything between earth and heaven. Then happiness surrounds us, and a warm quality of being penetrates us.

Today, new digital technologies promise us a great future. But before being able to discern it clearly, it has accelerated its walk, quick, then still quicker and quicker. Speed excites us and a dizzing confusion may follow.

In the rescue of technics that to turn to freeze themselves, as light and time tend to freeze on a camera film, can we find a temporary answer in this accelerated world in order to live again this feeling of happiness ?

Perhaps with these things that have already « made their time », a new future will awaken...

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