In the last free Renlai concert of the season, we are going to pursue our journey in fusion: Viba will open the show with his chill-out electro which should relax your ears just enough for the musical feast prepared by jazz ensembles, Orbit Folks and Flâneur Daguerre. Then we’ll be drawn in to the mirthful soundscape of the boisterous duo Minkoku Hyakunen accompanied with their surprising instruments. And we’ll finish with a jam apotheosis conducted by Fao, with the special guest appearance of Jose Duarte from Costa Rica.

Line up:

6:30 - 7:00: Viba
7:00 - 7:30: Orbit Folks (世界軌跡)
7:40 - 8:10: Flâneur Daguerre
8:20 - 8:50: Minkoku Hyakunen (民国百年)
8:50 - 9.30: Fao (陶然) + Jose Duarte (杜宏安) + Jam Apotheosis

September 16th, 2011, 18:30-21:30
TEC First Floor Auditorium, No.22, Section 1, Xinhai Rd, Taipei City (MRT Taipower Building Exit 1)


More about the bands:


Viba / Chill music fused with traditional instruments from Taiwan

Viba hails from London but is a long-term resident of Taipei. Original inspiration stemmed from the Human League, Depeche Mode and other synth bands of the 80s, which led to the formation of several bands based around an array of Roland synthersizers.  Viba left the UK in 93 to become a resident DJ in Taipei and was at least partly responsible for bringing many of the house techno tunes of the London underground at the time to these shores. Viba started writing material again in the early naughties and has had numerous commercial releases since 2006; most notably, the solo album, East-West Relations, which clearly showed influences of more than a decade in Taiwan. The most recent two years has seen the formation of ElectroFunk band Space Funk and work on several projects for film and video. However, 2011 has seen the return of much more solo material from one of the most prominent electronica artists on the island.

We interviewed Viba here.

(Photo courtesy of Craig Ferguson)



Orbit Folks / Jazz - folk - world

Orbit Folks is a Taiwan based international creative music project that brings together people from different nationalities and different musical backgrounds. Lead by Belgian double-bassist and composer Martijn Vanbuel they experiment with combining jazz, folk, classical, world and improvisation. Orbit Folks plays as well originals as arrangements of folk tunes. In their compositions we can hear musical elements from all different origins, sometimes very concrete, sometimes more subtly hidden. This way the music is enriched by a great variety of aspects, such as the complexity of Indian rhythm, the colourfulness of western harmony, the melodic sense of Arab music, and the textures of contemporary classical.

Watch an interview with Martijn Vanbuel here.

(Photo courtesy of Orbit Folks)


Flâneur Daguerre / Contemporary jazz, avant-garde, world jazz, free improvisation

Formed in June 2009, the group brings together some of the island's finest improvisers from diverse musical backgrounds, both foreign and Taiwanese. Flâneur Daguerre was founded on the belief that modern music, especially that which is so-called "avant-garde," can be enjoyed and accessed by the same audiences that find comfort in today's mainstream pop. The band explores free jazz, Eastern European and Balkan music, but they often subject pop and rock + roll forms to the improvising methods of jazz and Indian musicians.

Watch an interview with Louis Goldford here.

(Photo courtesy of Scarlett Ho)


Minkoku Hyakunen / Avant-garde and improvising duo influenced by concrete music

You-sheng Zhang and Da-wang Huang met each other in 2010. Both of them had their own noise sound works circulating among their friends and on the internet. They got tired of most political news, especially those about so-called “100-year-old ROC”, so they decided to organize a duo and to disband it after this year (2011 is the hundred year of ROC). 民国百年, pronounced in Japanese “Minkoku Hyakunen”, doesn’t talk about politics but performs with some ideas of politics. No stable tempo and pleasant melody, only fools playing fool noise.

We interviewed the band here.

(Photo courtesy of Minkoku Hyakunen)


Fao / World Electronic

Fabian Torres (Aka. Fao) was born in 1977 in Bogotá, Colombia (South America). Fao mixes electronic sounds with traditional instruments such as Guqin, Tabla, Mouth-harp, Djembé, Kalimba...

Watch an interview with Fao here.

(Photo provided by Fao)


Jose Duarte / Electroacoustic, experimental, live electronics

Jose was born in Costa Rica. He plays live electroacoustics, computer music and free improvisation. He also composes music for contemporary dance and video games. In his live perfomances, he plays the computer and acoustic guitar blending tranditional and modern music techniques.

Read and interview with Jose here.

(Photo courtesy of Pablo Murillo)

Watch below excerpts from the concert

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