The Museum of Alien Studies is nestled in a basement in Taichung, central Taiwan. Containing a large collection of alien 'artefacts' and offering divination and massage services, the museum grants visitors an alternative conception of extraterrestrial life and how these entities can aid humanity.

Taiwan's Museum of Alien Studies: what you need to know

The Assistant Director, Shirley Hsin-i Liu, took on a tour of this unique museum. Join us and learn about the different alien species and why the museum is studying them. Shirley introduces us to the differences and similarities shared by aliens and humans and explains the museum's hope that aliens can help humanity.

Alien energy and you: healing, protection and shamanic power

Shirley explains how each alien artefact has a unique energy. This energy can be applied to heal and protect humans, as was first harnessed by wizards and shamen. Alien artefacts can be sponsored, allowing the human sponsor to be protected by a specially selected alien. The alien can absorb and transform illness and injury that would otherwise be suffered by the human.

Decoding soul genetics: applying alien technology to help you reach your potential

Here Shirley elaborates further on the qualities of aliens, such as teamwork and logic, and how humans can connect with extraterrestrial beings through divination. Interestingly, she reveals a different understanding of the different types of humans, some of whom have alien-linked genetic mutations. Learn how analysis of the soul genetics and brain genetics of notable achievers such Albert Einstein, Barack Obama and Michael Jackson can assist other humans in fulfilling his or her potential.

For more information, you can visit the museum's Chinese and English websites.

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Photos and Videos by P. Farrelly

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