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Tien Educational Center During Cold War Taiwan:

An Oasis of Intellectual Freedom

under Authoritarian Regime


丁立偉 (Olivier Lardinois, SJ) 著 ‧ 謝靜雯 譯


自從一九六○年代初期,一棟四層樓的長型灰色水泥建築就矗立於臺北市的羅斯福路與辛亥路交叉口:由耶穌會負責運作的耕莘文教院,英文簡稱為TEC (Tien Educational Center)。附近的臺灣大學和臺灣師範大學學生現在鮮少有人知道,在一九六三年到一九八○年代晚期之間,耕莘文教院是中華民國流亡首都裡,並未完全屈從於國民黨威權意識形態嚴格管控的少數幾個文化機構之一。

本次研究分成五個部分:(一) 一九六三年至一九九二年間,臺灣的政治與文化脈絡。(二) 耶穌會決定在臺北開辦耕莘文教院的原因。(三) 冷戰時期耕莘文教院舉辦的各種活動,這些活動為何吸引數百名基督徒與非基督徒學子。(四) 什麼因素讓耕莘文教院的耶穌會士在國民黨的威權統治下,得以享有相對的自由。(五) 針對臺灣於一九八七年結束戒嚴、臺灣政權慢慢民主化期間,耕莘文教院參與轉型正義運動的相關報告。


At the intersection of Roosevelt and Hsinhai roads of Taipei City, lies a large four story grey concrete building from the early 1960s: the Jesuit-run Tien Educational Center 「耕莘文教院」or TEC. Few students from the nearby National Taiwan University (NTU) and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) today are aware that between 1963 and the late 1980s, TEC was one of the few cultural institutions in the Republic of China's (ROC) "capital in exile", which was not fully submitted to the then strict ideological control of the KMT authoritarian regime.

This study is divided into five parts: 1) Taiwan's political and cultural context between 1963 and 1992; 2) the reasons why the Jesuits decided to open TEC in Taipei; 3) the various activities held at TEC during the Cold War and why those activities attracted hundreds of Christian and non-Christian students; 4) the factors which gave the Jesuits running the TEC relative freedom despite the authoritarian regime of the KMT; 5) a report on the involvement of TEC in the movement of transitional justice that followed the end of Taiwan's martial law in 1987 and slowly led to the democratization of Taiwan's political regime.


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