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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

【新書】耶穌會士在華名錄 1842~1955 Directory of the Jesuits in China from 1842~1955


耶穌會士在華名錄 1842~1955

Directory of the Jesuits in China from 1842 to 1955


by Olivier LARDINOIS SJ  ‧  Fernando MATEOS SJ (✝)  ‧  Edmund RYDEN SJ


Researchers in the history of Chinese Christianity during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries are familiar with the directory of the Jesuits in China from 1552 to 1800 compiled by Fr. Joseph Dehergne, SJ. The book was published in French in 1973 in the prestigious Bibliotheca Instituti Historici Societatis Jesu. However, until now no similar directory exists for the second great period of the mission of the Jesuits in China that can easily be situated between years 1842 and 1955: 1842 when the three first Jesuit missionaries arrived in China after the restoration of the Society of Jesus, and 1955 when foreign missionaries had already been expelled from mainland China by the communist government, and most of the outstanding native Jesuits were imprisoned.

 The publication of the present directory of the Jesuits in China between 1842 and 1955, aims to remedy this omission. It is the result of collaboration between three Jesuits from the Chinese Province of the Society of Jesus: Fernando Mateos (✝), Edmund Ryden and Olivier Lardinois. Beside the biographical notices of 1,570 Jesuits who worked in China between 1842 and 1955, this directory includes various annexes so that it can be more easily consulted and from different points of entry: an index of names in the forms of transliteration each used, another index according to international Pinyin and Chinese characters, Jesuit missions statistics, a chronology of the history of the mission and various mission areas, status in Church leadership (Bishops, Prefects Apostolic) and in academic and scientific work, a list of official and non-official Jesuit martyrs, a few maps and photos, and a selective bibliography.


由榮振華神父(Joseph Dehergne, SJ)撰寫、並在1973年於著名的Bibliotheca Instituti Historici Societatis Jesu所出版的《明清間在華耶穌會士列傳》,內容收錄了1552年至1800年止的會士名錄及簡歷,對於研究16~18世紀中國天主教歷史的學者來說,是非常熟悉的一本書。然而在1842年至1955年,這個耶穌會在中國的另一段重要時期,卻沒有相關的名錄存在。重新恢復的耶穌會,所派遣的第一批三位會士於1842年重返中國土地;1955年,多數外籍傳教士被驅逐出境,而大部分傑出的中國籍會士則多被監禁。

《耶穌會士在華名錄 1842~1955》的出版,旨在補充1842至1955年這段耶穌會在中國期間的記錄,本書由三位耶穌會中華省會士:沈起元神父(✝)、雷敦龢神父及丁立偉神父共同撰寫整理。除了1570位會士檔案外,也包含各式索引及相關資料,更方便研究者查閱使用:耶穌會在中國各教區的統計要1842年至1980年在華傳教的大事記、殉道者名單、擔任主教的耶穌會士名單,以及耶穌會士在各領域的研究等,另外也收錄了一些地圖與照片、依筆畫所排序的中文譯名索引、293位中國籍會士的姓名拼名對照索引及參考書目等。


ISBN  978-957-29848-5-7  (Hard Cover.352P)

Online Store:


Monday, 18 December 2017











地點:2/12 法鼓山世界佛教教育園區(新北市金山區)、2/13-14 輔仁聖博敏神學院





上午9:00 由神學院出發,10:00 抵達法鼓山世界佛教教育園區

下午5:00 結束,6:00 返抵神學院


上午9:00-11:30      專題講座

下午14:00-16:00   個人研讀

下午16:00-17:30   綜合討論


2/12 – 佛教在華人世界的現況,特別是禪宗教派  *中文授課

           主講:鄧偉仁 (法鼓文理學院佛教學系–副教授;哈佛大學宗教學博士)

        – 與法鼓山年輕法師跨宗教靜修對談

2/13-14 – 基督新教在現代中國蓬勃發展的探討  *英文授課

                主講:法國人類學家 Michel Chambon (波士頓大學–博士後研究)

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Teilhard de Chardin Memorial Event

On April 9, 2015, in memory of the 60th Anniversary of Teilhard's death, John J. DeGioia, president of Georgetown University is hosting an event that features an academic seminar, a special presentation of Mass on the World, and a reception.

The Seminar begins at 3:00 pm. Entitled "TEILHARD DE CHARDIN: HIS IMPORTANCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY," its panelists include leading U.S. Teilhard scholars:

• ILIA DELIO, OSF, PHD, Haub Director of Catholic Studies, Visiting Professor, Georgetown University
• KATHLEEN DUFFY, SSJ, PHD, Professor of Physics, Chestnut Hill College
• JOHN GRIM, PHD, Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Scholar at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale Divinity School, and the Department of Religious Studies, and president of the American Teilhard Association
• JOHN F. HAUGHT, PHD, Distinguished Research Professor,Theology Department,
Georgetown University
• JAMES F. SALMON, SJ, PHD, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Loyola University, Maryland
Moderator is FRANK FROST, PHD, Director of The Teilhard de Chardin Project

After the seminar there will be a special presentation of Teilhard's "Mass on the World." This meditation written in 1923 on the edge of the Ordos desert has special meaning at Georgetown where it had been celebrated annually on campus by professor Thomas King, S.J., for students and devoted followers.

The event is open to the public but an RSVP is required. For information or an official invitation, contact Mary Frost at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thursday, 02 October 2014

eRenlai announces an exciting new partnership

Dear readers,

First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your association with eRenlai.

You can be assured, of course, that we will continue to do all we can to bring you the same excellent standards of intelligent, insightful journalism that eRenlai is known for.

But I’m writing in particular to tell you that we’re also broadening our horizons, as we’ve become partners in the launch of an exciting new project: Global Pulse.

This is a major initiative which we are very happy to be part of. We believe it to be unique, because it brings together five of the world’s leading Catholic publishers to give you a truly global view.

With constantly updated fresh content that will appeal to a predominantly Catholic international readership, Global Pulse will be offered ultimately on a subscription basis.  But it will be free throughout October so you can get a good feel for what it has to offer.

Global Pulse will not be a ‘Church publication’ as such, but one that looks at events and people of global significance from a discerning, intelligent, Catholic perspective.

With news briefs, features, analysis, opinion, reviews and reflections, its ever-changing content will be drawn from five global partners, each with an acknowledged reputation for quality Catholic journalism.

As well as contributions from eRenlai, you will see articles from all these participants in this exciting project:

  • Commonweal Magazine, New York City
  • La Croix, Paris
  • Eureka Street, Melbourne
  •, Bangkok

In addition, we’re delighted to announce that Robert Mickens, the acclaimed Rome-based reporter and commentator, will be editor in chief of Global Pulse.  He will contribute his celebrated ‘Letter from Rome’ each week and will also bring you exclusive letters and essays from correspondents of the highest caliber, based in all parts of the world.

It all adds up to a truly global selection of incisive, informative and thought-provoking writing which I’m sure you will find engaging and enjoyable.

As an introductory offer, for a limited period only, Global Pulse will be available for just US$22 for a full year’s access. That’s the same price as a few cups of coffee – yet I hope you will agree it will prove a great deal more stimulating.

Subscribing will be quick and easy, but you don’t have to make your mind up yet. Because access will be completely free of charge throughout October, you’re more than welcome to take a good look around Global Pulse right now, and see what it has to offer you.

Best wishes,

Benoit Vermander, S.J.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Entre ville et mont (見山‧畫城)

Exposition Benoît VERMANDER (peintures) – LIANG Zhun (photographies) 

Le musée municipal Xuhui, Shanghai, accueille du 24 octobre au 10 novembre 2014 une exposition de Benoît Vermander (France) et Liang Zhun (Chine), intitulée « Entre ville et mont (見山‧畫城) ». Le dialogue entre les peintures de Benoît Vermander et les photographies de Liang Zhun – les unes et les autres confrontant condition urbaines et populations montagnardes du sud-ouest de la Chine - ouvrent sur d'autres confrontations : celle entre la « tradition » chinoise, et des modernités éclatées ; celles entre un regard ancré dans les grandes terres du sud-ouest et une esthétique du passage, de la fluidité ; celle entre l'instant photographique et le trait calligraphique.

Juste avant l'inauguration de l'exposition, une table ronde réunit au musée Xuhui des professeurs du département de philosophie de Fudan et des artistes de différentes nationalité habitant à Shanghai autour du thème : « L'œil et le trait. Qu'est-ce qu'une esthétique inter-culturelle ? » L'apport d'auteurs tels que Merleau-Ponty et Henri Michaux fera l'objet d'une attention spéciale.

Inauguration: Vendredi 24 octobre 2014, 16h
DATES : 24 octobre 2014 – 10 novembre 2014
Lieu : Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai 1411 Huaihai Middle Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, Chine


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Launch of a "Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources" training program in Shanghai.

With the continuous development of the Chinese economy and China's more prominent role in the world, Chinese traditional culture correspondingly receives increased attention. To help managers in Chinese or foreign companies gain an understanding of Chinese philosophy, history, and contempory culture, Fudan School of Philosophy, in association with DPark, is sponsoring an English-language Certificate of Chinese Thought and Cultural Resources. The program is tailored for foreign and Chinese entrepreneurs/executives willing to mobilize such resources for managing their business endeavors in a culturally and socially responsible fashion.

This English-language program seeks to enhance international and Chinese managers' knowledge of Chinese cultural resources so as to enrich and facilitate the exercise of their corporate missions and social responsibilities in China. The program is designed and taught by professors from the School of Philosophy at Fudan University. Its unique teaching and rich research resources have been organized to create a ground-breaking training program adapted to the needs of decision-makers through course work, interactions with native informants, and field trips.

The program starts next January and lasts for nine weekends spanning over one year.

Details are included in these two online brochures:

Antonio Duarte, director of Dpark, and Benoit Vermander, professor in the School of Philosophy, Fudan University, will present the program at a lecture and discussion evening on September 25th, 2014, at DPark  (No.738 Changyang Road, Shanghai). Please confirm attendance to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Monday, 14 April 2014

Movie Screening at the 'Eyes and Lenses Festival' in Warsaw, 24-27 April 2014

The movie Writings that Weave Waves has been selected for screening at the 11th edition of the Ethnographic Film Review: Eyes and Lenses in Warsaw (April 25-27, 2014). The creening will take place on Saturday April 26th at 1pm.

Here are the synopsis of the movie and the trailer:

East Formosa has been the departure point of the great migration that, six thousand years ago, shaped the present Austronesian world. And it is now home to the majority of Taiwan's aboriginal population, some of them living in the plains and on the shore of Eastern Taiwan, and some in the mountains. This documentary focuses on a small group of young aborigines from the Atayal tribe, located on Taiwan East Coast, showing how they express and live their identity, while linking their narrative to the world of Oceania, to which their culture spread, and where aboriginal people nowadays struggle to express their cultural, social, political and spiritual selves. Thus, this movie embarks on a trip across time and space, from Taiwan to Vancouver Island in Canada, where our protagonists met during a cultural exchange with First Nations and then to the Solomon Islands where Taiwanese aborigines met with Melanesian and Polynesian peoples during the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts. Taiwan is a point of departure, a meeting point, and a destination for the stories weaved by the waves. This documentary aims at nurturing in Taiwan's youth, especially in its indigenous youth, a sense of belonging within the Pacific world, while encouraging their creativity, their appreciation of the variety of the cultural resources offered by other Austronesian people, and its perception of the "resonance" that related stories, music and art forms inspire throughout this oceanic interchange.

Also read a review by Madeleine King on eRenlai:


Thursday, 20 March 2014

End of Lines - A Photo exhibition in Shanghai by Liz Hingley

Liz Hingley came to Shanghai in June 2013, twenty years after line 1 of Shanghai's metro opened. It is now the second largest metro system in the world and transports an average of more than 7 million people daily. She was fascinated by how its development has dramatically changed the city's social, economic and geographical structure. Liz spent two months traveling to every metro terminus to document the landscapes and communities at the peripheries of Shanghai's urban sprawl. The work was published as part of the Portrait De Villes book series in November 2013. Liz is also curating the 'Mapping Shanghai' talk and workshop series at K11 Shanghai Art Space.

• Opening Party: 7pm Friday April 18th 2014
• Exhibition Date: Saturday April 19th 2014 – Sunday May 18th 2014
• Opening Hours: [Every day] 13:00-19:00 * Closed on national holidays
• Venue: ONE
• Address: #201, Bldg 5, 831 JiangNing Road, JingAn District, Shanghai
• Entry fee: Free of charge
• Enquiry: +86 (0)21 3131 7023 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /
• Curator, Design and Organizer: ONE


Liz Hingley

Liz Hingley is a renowned photographer, researcher and member of Agence Vu. She holds a first class BA Honors in Photography and an MSc in Social Anthropology with distinction from University College London. Her work has received numerous awards including the Getty Image Grant, Prix Virginia and Photophilanthropy Activist Award. During a two-year scholarship with Fabrica in Italy she made the work "Under Gods " which was published by Dewi Lewis in 2011 and became an internationally touring solo exhibition.
She moved to Shanghai in June 2013 to continue her work on multi-faith urban communities at the invitation of the Ricci Institute at Fudan University and as a visiting scholar of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.


Read an interview about her project on eRenlai:

Tuesday, 04 March 2014

Sun Ta-ch'uan, New Chair of the Taipei Ricci Institute

Prof. Sun Ta-ch'uan (孫大川 - Paelabang Danapan) was elected President of the Taipei Ricci Institute on January 15th, 2013. Prof. Sun, of the Puyuma tribe, is a most gifted writer, a leading aboriginal intellectual, and a former Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Professor Sun's leading role in aboriginal research will reinforce the efforts deployed by the TRI since many years for linking concerns having to do with spiritual empowerment, sustainable development and cultural diversity into one.

In an interview from 2011, Prof. Sun talks about the challenges of the young aboriginal generation in Taiwan:

Matilde Hong remains the executive director of the Taipei Ricci Institute which counts among its board members Jacques Duraud, S.J., Olivier Lardinois, S.J. and Benoit Vermander, S.J.

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