Sun Ta-ch'uan, New Chair of the Taipei Ricci Institute

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Prof. Sun Ta-ch'uan (孫大川 - Paelabang Danapan) was elected President of the Taipei Ricci Institute on January 15th, 2013. Prof. Sun, of the Puyuma tribe, is a most gifted writer, a leading aboriginal intellectual, and a former Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Professor Sun's leading role in aboriginal research will reinforce the efforts deployed by the TRI since many years for linking concerns having to do with spiritual empowerment, sustainable development and cultural diversity into one.

In an interview from 2011, Prof. Sun talks about the challenges of the young aboriginal generation in Taiwan:

Matilde Hong remains the executive director of the Taipei Ricci Institute which counts among its board members Jacques Duraud, S.J., Olivier Lardinois, S.J. and Benoit Vermander, S.J.

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