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Leanne McNulty is originally from Ireland and she is currently living in Taipei where she does volunteering work besides her job as an English teacher. Since she's been residing and travelling in Asia, she's been volunteering in various places and organizations in Australia and Cambodia. Last year she spent three months in Vietnam helping first at a shelter and also at an ecological and educative center. While preparing her trip, she realized the scarcity of information in English about volunteering in Vietnam and decided to start a blog to present the main issues she encountered: Volunteer in Asia.  In the following interview she raises the problem of orphanage tourism and suggests pragmatic ways to volunteer in South East Asia while avoiding the 'gap year' cliche.

Please, visit her blog for more detailed articles on trafficking, street kids and orphanage tourism.



In Taipei, Leanne McNulty has been involved with the Harmony Home Association, a non-profit organization that shelters and supports children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS and migrant workers. She tells us about her work there, the challenges and the way HIV is still stigmatized in Taiwan. 

For more info about the harmony Home Association, visit: http://www.harmonyhometaiwan.org/

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Leanne McNulty

Originally from Ireland, Leanne has spent most of the past ten years travelling, working and volunteering in the UK, Australia, Taiwan and most recently, Vietnam. In 2008 she volunteered in Thailand and Cambodia while travelling and fell in love with South East Asia. It also inspired her to volunteer more and to become involved with projects as a fundraiser and volunteer in both Australia and Taiwan. She is currently in Taiwan volunteering as a fundraiser and event coordinator for Harmony Home Association. Apart for a passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures, Leanne enjoys yoga and dance classes in her free time. 

Website: leannemcnulty.wordpress.com/a-how-to-guide-to-volunteering-overseas/

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