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Re-learning how to live

Mr Lin was a 31 year old computer engineer and married with two children when his life stopped on 3 October 1996.

A man intruded his house during the night and attacked Mr Lin, throwing knives towards his eyes. Mr Lin was admitted to hospital where he stayed for one year and four months. Having lost his sight, hearing, and ability to talk, Mr Lin then had to go through 200 surgeries.

Listening to Mr Lin’s horrific story, I could not believe the man who was sitting in front of me had the courage to stand up and start a totally new life.

Now a qualified masseur working at China Health Massage Center in Taipei, Mr Lin has many regular customers who want to be massaged by him.

I believe Mr Lin found a deep inner-strength to continue to live. I admire his ability to have been able to adapt to the limits of being blind in his new life.

I would like to believe I would have the same strength as him to go on and learn, if one day I was to face such difficulties.


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