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Tamsui Fisherman’s Association

To attract tourists the Tamsui Fisherman’s Association is planning a series of activities to promote Fisherman’s Wharf as a leisure port with cultural atmosphere and natural charm. The Association has hired middle aged and older persons to be trained as guides. These guides will accompany visitors on boats to enjoy the oceanic scenery and experience the traditional fishing.
The Tamkang Sunset and the Lover’s Bridge are the most beautiful scenery at Fisherman’s Wharf. Hard clams and small fishes are the famous specialties of Tamsui port.
The Association is developing more activities with breadth and depth. They want everyone to really have a great time in Tamsui.

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Friday, 17 August 2007 01:42

The Dung-luo River Culture Association

People seem to have forgotten the Dung-luo River’s role in the birth of Changhwa and allowed it to deteriorate.
“The Dung-luo River Culture Association” was established to improve the river environment. They started to clean the environment to restore the original features of the Dung-luo River. They want to make the place attractive anew. They hope to create an area that will bring back the memories of simple rural life and local traditions. By relying on the characteristics of the visible resources, they are helping the farmers to change their lives.
If you want to experience a different rural life, you should come here at least once.

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Friday, 17 August 2007 01:36

The Hongmao Harbor Culture Association

The recent decline of the fisheries in the harbor of Hongmao led to a massive drift from the land.
To reinforce the community bonds, the Association developed an innovative industry based on the art of mosaics. They employ local people who learn a new skill which helps for their recovery. The Association can continuously develop thanks to public support.
The creations attract people by their originality and their design. They are unique because everybody chooses and sticks together the many colored tiles.
The Association continues to work hard to promote and develop mosaics for the sake of a bright future for local industry.


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The education of their children is a heavy burden for financially strapped families. To help them the Taichung Association of Caring for Parents and Children provides extra classes after school and creates new employment opportunities.
The Association hires female workers and trains them as teachers for after-school classes and social workers. They tutor children in homework and arts. They take the children for outdoor sports and to explore nature. They monitor the children’s behavior and correct them when they are naughty. The Association also hires certified teachers for special lessons.
Overworked parents don’t have time to attend to their children properly. Through the Association, children who fall behind can get make-up classes and enjoy the company of their peers. Their parents can go to work light-hearted.
The Association hopes that all poor children will enjoy excellent care and companionship.

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Pingtung… The educational resources of the Aborigine tribes are becoming scarce. Many schools are threatened with being shut down.
A group of people who could not stand seeing their children lose their right to education have founded a library for aboriginal kids. VUSAM means “to plant the seed of knowledge” in Paiwan language. The association opened various evening-classes for the aboriginal children. They managed to collect books and used computers for the classrooms. Like this, they hope to plant a seed of knowledge in every child.
At present, the Association has already set up about 30 classes. The children can study and they have access to the internet. The parents can concentrate on their work without worrying.
Thanks to these classes, the Association hopes that the cultural gap between cities and aboriginal tribes will reduce in the future and all the aboriginal children have the chance to study!

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Friday, 17 August 2007 01:25

Dong-Shih Hometown Association

The 921 earthquake buried their flourishing hometown, Dong-Shih, but
the villagers did not give up. They established the Dong-Shih Hometown Association.
They gave senior women a job opportunity and created a brand of Hakka products: “Seeso”. They also united the local conventional industries in a “Craft Street.” The products are not standardized but are handmade fine works. They meet environmental and health requirements. The Hakka dress has gained a more fashionable design.
They want to develop their traditional arts in their own way using local plants to produce their hometown dye.

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In a society that evolves rapidly, with a higher proportion of two-income families, life is so busy that it is difficult to take care of both work and family, and it is easy to neglect the cleaning of the family environment. That favors the apparition of “ hourly housekeepers”.
By using the cleaning skills of Aborigene women the Foundation creates job opportunities for them. The Foundation also holds housework services lessons to increase the professional skills of the “hourly housekeepers” in cleaning, tidying, cooking…
In a long-term, they have increased the quality of their services and built a good reputation among their customers. The person in charge of the domestics within the association supervises the employees, and gives example for every task. The employees build self-confidence through their work which yield them a lot of satisfaction despite the efforts.
In the future, the Foundation will continue to train top quality housekeepers, creating more job opportunities while supplying more and more demands.


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Friday, 17 August 2007 01:07

Compassion International

The “Da-An River Workstation” was established by Compassion International in 1999, and the “Common Kitchen” was formed in 2002.
For a long time now, the Atayal Tribe which lives along the Da-An River has been confronted with the decline of its traditional industries and population loss. Then they decided to draw from their traditions to create job opportunities. They capitalized on the Atayal Tribe’s distinctive features for tourism.
In the “Common Kitchen”, the visitors can experience different aspects of the Atayal tribal customs. The “Citizen Farm” gets more and more public support.
They are not only improving the social services of the area but also putting into practice the Atayal Tribe’s spirit of “mutual care”. Their mottos are “to treat neighbors and guests of the tribe sincerely”, “to take care of each other” and “to share in common”.

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Friday, 17 August 2007 00:50

Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association

In a world of darkness, blind people must rely on sounds and touch to communicate. Their only way to learn or to be informed is through sounds.
The Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association, founded in 2004, is an association devoted to the publication of talking books for unsighted people. They have introduced an international standard of reference for talking books: the Digital Accessible Information System (Daisy). They also offer job opportunities to unsighted people who work for the conversion of books and for promoting and improving the quality of the talking books.
Listening to Daisy talking books is like leafing through a printed book. One is free to skip pages or to read in one’s own way.
The Daisy talking books are easy to use: they can be played through computers or Daisy MP3 players.
The Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association wishes to increase their publishing activities in the future to keep on providing study and career opportunities to unsighted people.


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