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Tuesday, 24 February 2009 19:52

My face, the canvas of my life

As a young child I have always been attracted by beauty and developed an acute sensibility for colours, particularly in drawing and painting. Following my high school graduation I began experimenting with make-up, in an attempt to appear more mature both physically and mentally. In obtaining my degree in art I decided to pursue my studies in Paris, the fashion capital of the world where culture, fashion and the make-up industry are brought to new heights. Until now I continue my studies and work in the domain of art and visual studies and am a university lecturer in make-up application.

Colours have a profound effect on people’s moods and feelings: Yellow invigorates an open and bright feeling while red represents a warm vigour. Green can make one relax, and purple can radiate a sense of grace. They have become my daily companions in painting- if colours had not existed, life would have lost its meaning. It too can reflect a person’s characteristics, thoughts and even their mood at the given moment. Over time, I studied ceaselessly the utilisation of colours in the contemporary world, making use of my time abroad to observe the local landscapes and customs for inspiration - be it from paintings, artefacts or architectures.

Putting on make-up is like painting. Many make-up artists of today emphasise on the same techniques while I think it is more important to adapt them to one’s facial features and contours. I regard the human face as a three-dimensional and dynamic object, never as a palette of unvarying colours that are in fashion.

I prefer to achieve a more natural look, enhancing the skin’s natural lustre and colour by keeping the make-up natural on bare skin. It is also important to let the skin rest by leaving your face make-up free on days when it is not necessary. For pleasure and to create a certain individual charisma, one should try and choose different colouring techniques of the face depending on the occasion.

The concept of beauty has many facets. At times it is profound, and others, simple; it can also be both sensual and graceful. As time goes by, your appearance will show others different depths of wisdom that you have accumulated with age. Whilst make-up can make anyone more superficially beautiful, true beauty can never be achieved without understanding the self. After all everyone has their own aesthetics of life, but one must start by having confidence and love for oneself.

(Photos by Joe Russo)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009 19:51

Photographing myself

I developed photography as a hobby as I was finishing my Master’s dissertation. It has always been a great passion of mine and with free time on my hands, I kick-started my affair with photography. My photos comprise mostly of self-portraits and they portray my emotions at a given moment. It has always been about my emotions.

I prefer portraits to landscape photography as I found it to be of a very different and possibly higher level that made it difficult for me to get into. I find it easier to express emotions with portraits and harder to ooze emotions out of a landscape.
It is also hard to find models for portrait shots, and I usually resort to taking self-portraits which has now developed into a trait of mine.

The photographs portray different sides of me but are all me in different states- some are not what everybody gets to see and some are what I choose not to show everybody in my day to day life. When asked about my particular confidence in myself when it comes to taking photos, I explain that like everyone else, I am not confident with all my features. I am simply more comfortable having my photos taken by myself than some other photographers. I am not too sure how I look in real life, only the observers can really tell. I only get to see myself in photographs and when I look in the mirror.

I am just like everyone else- when I am having a good hair day I am satisfied with how I look.

For composition and aesthetic reasons, I crop the photographs and the result is a singular part of my body. When I do shoot particular parts of my body my intention is to portray the beauty of being a woman.

See more photos by Wen-Chun on her flickr blog

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009 19:20

Kaikai, a colorful childhood!

Kaikai Yang, like every 11 years-old boy in Taiwan, goes to school, plays with his friends, and enjoys playing games on the internet.

However, little Kaikai lives his life on a wheel-chair, and needs to go to the hospital once a week in Taichung.

When he was nine months old, the doctors found out that he has an extremely rare illness called ‘muscular dystrophy’. The effect of this long-lasting illness causes his muscles to weaken with time.

To help their child overcome his handicap, Kaikai’s parents offer him the most normal life possible. Hence, Kaikai’s story is about a very courageous and happy little boy who enjoys life above all difficulties.

This little angel has one dream in his life : to be able to stand up by himself one day. From the bottom of my heart, I really believe he can make this dream come true!

Kaikai’s mother often says that Kaikai is a gift from God, as she learns more from his courage and attitude than she ever learned in her life before.

Watch a video of Aurelie introducing one of the pictures she took for the project

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