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Water Challenges in Taipei County

Water Leak & Waste Urgently Await Improvement

“The skies give Taiwan up to 2500 to 3000 millimetre of rainfall each year, which is abundant enough. What a pity to not detain it and instead waste it!”
As a matter of fact, due to the steep slopes and short rivers in Taiwan, the water volume retained is less than 20%. The pipelines too are outdated and running water count for only 70%. Taiwan has reached under the saturated condition in the reservoir development, and must seek an additional water source. The underground water however, has a policy control, and the seawater desalination technology is far from ready. In addition, the old underground pipelines dating from the Japanese Occupation has also deteriorated, creating a water leakage rate that has bypassed 30%. Similarly one must not forget to take into account the local people’s poor habits in water usage: on an average, every four people in one day use up to a metric ton of water, which after being processed by the sewage treatment plant is later dispersed into the river and discontinued from recycling. The reduction in the price of water, as well the growing concern amongst the public and enterprises have resulted in the unwavering shadow casted by the problem of water shortage today.

Establishing a Water Management Structure

The problem of water resource implicates water conservation in the cities, countryside, and agricultural domains. The government will achieve this effectively by establishing a ‘Basin Administrative Bureau’, with the government empowering management works across the cities. As for the wasteful habits of the citizens, the government has the responsibility to act appropriately to the situation, by means of a legislation or the encouragement for enterprise research and development in water instalment such as sanitaries with economic water consumption. With the price of water reduced over the years, enterprises lack the research and development power to adjust the price policies at the appropriate time – a problem that the government will soon face.

In visioning the future collaboration of Taipei County and Taipei City in tackling the problem of water, Taipei County’s water resource policies will in recent years, lead to an overall development in the metropolis’ water storage. The replacement of a ‘development scheme’ in managing rivers is the best preparation for the advancement of a new bureau.

From Land to River, a Natural Cleansing Process

Another big challenge in water conservation is the construction of wetlands. Taipei County has over a thousand hectares of wetlands. The County government originally wished to discharge the river into the water interception in order for the wetland ecosystem to purify the waste water, which will then be returned to the river, saving funds and creating a new ecological environment. In the future, Taipei County plans to establish 18 artificial wetlands in three years, processing 1/4 of the sanitary sewage county-wide. The woods antler brook artificial wetland, for example, inverts the past hydraulic engineering concept entirely. With respect to ecology as a main principle and by making use of local materials, the results have indeed been satisfactory: The number of birds, fish and floral have increased, the investment expenses were also noticeably less than that of other large scale works.
Moreover, Taipei County has started to deal with the odours emitted by the drainage system of Jhonggang, unifying the peripheral city and countryside building, business circle, community, local culture, and giving the people of Xinzhuang a “confident start”. From now on, the water conservancy facility will no longer be a pessimistic civil engineering, but a green park with clear water.

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