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Teaching English to blind kids

Continue tibo’s tour of favorites and hear a fabulous fable where u will hear about the rematch of the turtle and the hare...
Beijing University
Monday, October 24, 2005

There is something amazing in the fact that the international community has only very recently taken full conscience of the risks that the negligence of water issues could entail. We had to wait the Johannesburg Environment Summit of 2002, for instance, to decide to add the issue of sanitation to the list of the Millennium Development Goals. But, for the leaders of the world to decide to reduce by half, before 2015, the proportion of people in the world with access to water and to sanitation, is one thing - visionary and generous indeed. Another thing is to find the financing for it and to make sure that the proper resources are channelled properly where the real problems are.
To be continued here (pdf)

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