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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 17:44

Rethinking 'Pacific Time'

In this video, Fr Arthur Leger from Fiji explains the different concepts of time prevailing in Oceania and in particular in Fiji Island: the time for basic needs, the community time and the sacred time.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007 11:16

Free Time...

Having time just for us, having a free time… Is it not a dream that we all share, as our lives are becoming busier and busier? Work pressure, family requests, means of communication that do not allow us to hide away, traffic jams, visits to the hospital, to schools or to people whose help and support we need… Where in the world could we still find free time?

And yet, sometimes we discover that this luxury is ours. We have some free time! Maybe our family members are away, or we are changing job and we do not start immediately with the new one, or maybe as we become older we are entitled to take more vacation… Or a week-end is starting and our obligations have been miraculously fulfilled… We have some free time... And, suddenly, we do not know what to do with it! We are just feeling bored. We are watching TV and we know that we could do better than that.. Or we are vaguely thinking about a hobby we’d like to start but we do not find enough energy for putting our project into execution… We take conscience that having some time free is not always comfortable, that decisions are to be made, that we do not know so well what we wish to do… At least, when we are busy all the time we do not need to reflect, we know in advance what is asked from us… Having some free time puts us in front of ourselves, and we do not like it so much…

Time to think about time! What do we do with it? Time is our most precious resource, the one on which our entire life is based, and we rarely reflect on the way we control it, use it, re-organize it. For sure, there are some duties we cannot avoid, but, when thinking about it, there is a surprisingly high amount of time that we could use at our will and that we just let fly away… This is especially true of “leisure time’, this period in the year where we are entitled to take vacation, to rest, to realize a project which is ours. How to use it for our personal growth, for our fulfillment, for experiencing more happiness and humaneness? Yes indeed, let us take some free time just for thinking about time...

Friday, 13 April 2007 03:41

Time and I

Just what is this thing we call “time”? It is a particular moment in the succession of events. We ask “What “time” is it?” The answer depends on the precision we want: what year or month or day or hour or minute or second or thousandths of a second, etc. And then it depends on where you are. 8:00 P.M. in New York is either 8:00 A.M. or 9:00 A.M. the next day in Hong Kong depending on whether it is Eastern Daylight Saving Time or Eastern Standard Time in New York.

The passage of “time” can be envisioned as a long line that stretches from the first moment of “time” (if there ever was a moment before which there was not yet any “time”) and stretches infinitely into the future. Everything that happens happens at some point on that line. Each point is the simultaneous location in “time” for everything in the universe that existed at that moment.
To be continued here...Download Bob’s entire article (pdf) in double quick time!


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