The ineffable bond between master and disciple

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Lucie Kelche (路婉伶) is French and after having studied design and costume-making in London ( at the prestigious St Martins College of Arts), she decided to come to Taiwan in 2006 to learn a new artscraft: the traditional Taiwanese puppetry. She spent her first ten months with the Yiwanran Puppet Theater Troupe (亦宛然掌中劇團) located in Sanzhi (Taipei County). This is where she met Master Chen Xian-huang (陳錫煌老師), the older son of famous Li Tien-lu. She became then his disciple and studied with him during five years before taking off to the US where she plans to start her own theater troupe. This is the story of the ineffable bond between the master and the student,  the story of a friendship that goes beyond language and cultural barriers.

Video filmed by Pinti Zheng and Cerise Phiv, edited by C. Phiv

Alternate video for readers in China


Photos courtesy of Lucie Kelche



Also watch Lucie's speech at a TED conference



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