Short Animation: Bot

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In a godless world ruled solely by chaos, there may be forms of companionship that we do not fully comprehend, however, this lack of comprehension does not make them any less beautiful. We often come across people engaged in things that we find monotonous or pointless, like Sisyphus of legend, for us they seem to lack a raison d'etre or objective except that of habit, just like the way one might feel about the robot in this short film. We're not sure why he insists on protecting the life of this flower, which blooms on a mostly barren planet. His perseverance leads him only to be flung from the planet by a passing asteroid to another corner of the universe. In a universe without rules, without a master, where can we find meaning in our lives? The perseverance of this robot despite the indifference of the universe around him puts one in mind of Song Rongzi from Zhuangzi's Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease:

"Though the whole world might praise him, he would not for that have stimulated himself to greater endeavour, and though the whole world might condemn him, he would not have exercised any more restraint in his course"

Or for readers in mainland China (please excuse the advertisement at the start)

For more of Arvid's animation and illustrations visit his website:

Arvid Torres

Hey there,

My name is Arvid Torres and I’m a Freelance Artist. I’m experienced in the entire process of content production. I have also freelanced on small games and illustration work.

I spend some of my free-time currently finishing my masters in animation and multimedia at the Taiwan University of Arts and the rest freelancing.

Stuff I can do :

Concept Art (Characters, Environments, Etc.)
Backgrounds/Layout for Animation
2D Animation
3d Animation (Modelling, Rigging, Compositing etc.)

Programs I am familiar with:

TVPaint Animation

Adobe Aftereffects
Adobe Premiere


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