When hip-hop meets traditional Taiwanese music

by on Wednesday, 14 July 2010 Comments

Kou Chou Ching is a hip-hop band formed in Taiwan in 2003. They blend rap lyrics sung in Taiwanese, Hakka and Mandarin with musical samples from diverse traditional Taiwanese sources and live Eastern instruments such as suona and bong-ze.

In this interview with eRenlai in Chinese, Kou Chou Chin's two MCs, fishLIN and Fan-Chiang, introduce their very singular conception of hip-hop, detail their interest for Taiwanese musical traditions, and evoke the very diverse reactions to their music.

Benoit Bouquin

Former Philosophy graduate student in Paris, Benoît learns communications and media in Taipei. Despite his love for decadent poets and techno parties, he likes to think of himself as a "dandy-humanist" rather than as a nihilist. Benoît performs as a DJ under the moniker BB.

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