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Crossroads are places where roads intersect. Without roads there would be no crossroads. Without people to build them and travel on them there would be no roads. Crossroads, therefore, are not just places where roads meet, they are places where the people traveling on the roads meet and interact, where they have an option to change roads if they wish, and where people going one way may pick up new companions or lose old ones.

There are many ways of looking at people and roads. The course of a person’s life can be considered a road. Some people like to travel that road alone, shunning companionship. Some people have no idea of where they are heading, where they came from or why they are alive. Their lives are just the pursuit of security and comfort for themselves with no consideration for the rights or needs of others. Most people, however, go through life in the company of others. They join their personal roads to the roads of others. Actually, there are usually many roads and many loyalties that people commit themselves to: family, tribe, clan, nation, then the company they work for, alumni associations, volunteer groups, clubs, movements, networks, etc. Each group a person joins is a road the person travels down simultaneously. Each road has its own set of objectives, restrictions and obligations. Sometimes juggling all the demands of all one’s associations results in confrontations, conflicts, opting for some and abandoning others.

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