Erenlai - Daring to Take Risks 勇於冒險
Daring to Take Risks 勇於冒險

Daring to Take Risks 勇於冒險

True wisdom helps us to take risks… True wisdom weighs the risks and shows us how to face them.Here is advice and experiences that will help you to decide when to take risks and how to survive them. An alternative cookbook for success!





Sunday, 27 August 2006

Ten questions for growing wiser…

1) Do I have a tendency to act impulsively or I am able to sit down before taking a decision, weighting in my minds the reasons for and against such or such course of action?

2) Am I prone to act and decide when I am sad and agitated or I am able to wait till I feel more peaceful?

3) Am I able to express in one single sentence what is the main goal of my life, what I am trying to achieve and the kind of person I wish to be?

4) Are there some wise men or women of the past whose examples have always impressed and inspired me?

5) And are there some living people, known or unknown, who are for me models of wisdom in their life conduct? What do I especially admire in them?

6) Are there some classic sentences of wisdom, proverbs, sayings that I remember and that sometimes come as a help when I am trying to find a direction in my life?

7) Am I able to integrate my mind with my body? Do I practice some kind of respiratory technique or other bodily exercise that helps me to pacify the mind?

8) Do I practice examination of conscience during the day? Am I able to see serenely what I did wrong during the day and what I feel grateful for?

9) Am I at a loss in today’s society, do I see it as being crazy, or I am able to distinguish people and movements that give more meaning to our common existence? Am I basically pessimistic or optimistic about the direction of the world?

10) When I die, what image of me would I like people to remember?
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