Mhike: Bridging the Digital Divide

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Michael J. So (his friends call him Mhike) was born and grew up in the Philippines. Fourteen years ago he came to Taiwan and now is married with two children and living in Chungli. He is an executive assistant at Kuangchi Program Service and serves as secretary of Signis Asia-World Catholic Association for Communication based in Brussels, Belgium. 

One day Mhike at the Chungli Hope Center(which is next to the Catholic church where he attends Mass every Sunday) saw an overseas worker fumbling with a computer and was asked to teach him how to communicate with his wife and family in Vietnam. The problem was that his computer was not on line.

This encounter gave him the idea to help them. So he started by collecting old computers and repairing them and put them on line for the overseas workers to use. Later on he started a computer training course at the center. The number of students grew rapidly, so that today there are more applicants than can be accommodated at one time.

Now Mhike’s students not only can use the web to interact with their families and alleviate their home sickness, these torn away from home students have acquired information technology to enrich their lives and find even better jobs in the future.

Mhike received the Renlai Life Sustainability Awards in 2007, listen to his testimony below:

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