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Carole Reckinger

Hello everyone. I am a trained peace worker, reporter, photographer and researcher specialised on human rights in East and Southeast Asia from Luxembourg. I graduated from SOAS with an MSc in International Politics and a BA in Development Studies and Southeast Asian Studies and I am currently studying for an LLM in international law as a distance learning student. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 16:04

A Fight between David and Goliath

Non-violent resistance against the construction of a naval base in South Korea

Since 2007, a small village in South Korea has led a non-violent resistance against the construction of a naval base next door to a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The official reasons for the construction of a military base on the self-governing island of Jeju, about 80 kilometers from the mainland, are to allow for better policing of the sea-lanes and faster response to any acts of aggression by North Korea.

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