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In December this year, the South Pacific archipelago of Tokelau will be the first nation to be entirely powered by renewable energy: with the help of New Zealand, they are currently completing the installation of more than 4000 solar panels on the three atolls that constitute Tokelau territory. Last July, we had the chance to interview Tino Vitale, the representative of the Tokelau Delegation at the Festival of Pacific Arts held in the Solomon Islands: he told us about their project and a special song they perform to carry their plea.


(Photo by B.V.)



This interview was made in July 2012 during the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands where the eRenlai team went to shoot scenes of a documentary to be shown for the first time at the 2012 International Austronesian Conference in Taipei.

More info about the documentary:

About the conference:


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